Thiruverkadu and Mangadu temple. Chennai.  

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  1. Thiruverkadu

    This is One of 275 important Siva Devara sthalam. Karumariamman temple is also famous.

    The place is about 7kms from poondamalli and the place is also known as veda vedaranyam.

    Main deity: Swayambu linga known as vedapureeswarar and Balambikai.

    Veda teertham and Sthala vruksham is velvela tree.

    Importance: Muka nayanars birth place. Poison has no effect here. When lord Siva got married to parvathi in Kailas, earth tilted to one side because of the presence of everyone in that place, so Agastiyar was asked to go to vedaranyam to balance the earth. Agastiar said he will not be able to participate in the marraiage cermony and enjoy.

    Siva promised that he will be able to see their marriage. when ever Agasthiyr wishes he will be able to see both Siva and Parvathi in bridal form. Here inside the sanctum at the back of linga we see Siva and Parvathi in bridal form and the marriage event is sculptured. So the place is known as veda vedanarayan.

    BY Worshipping Thhirverkadu Baalambikai, Thiru validhayam Sri Jagadambikai and Thiruvotriyoor Vadavambikai in one day is very good.

    Arunagiri nadhar sang Thirupugazh on Lord Murugan, Sambandhar sang hymns on Siva of this place.

    Lord Subramanya acquired his Vel from Parasakthi to defeat Suran, hence the name verkadu. Thirumoorthy’s worshipped Parasakthi known as Karumari here. Ka represents Brahma, Ru, represents Rudhara and Ma, represents Vishnu.

  2. Mangadu: Tapas Kamakshi temple.

    The place is about 20 kms from chennai near to Poovirundamalli.

    Main deity: Kamakshi devi.

    Importance: Once Parvathi Devi closed the eyes of Siva for fun which resulted in darkness of whole universe. Shiva was displeased by her act, and she had to come down to earth and do penance and join Siva once again.

    She selected Mangadu to do her penance. she was not able to get darshan of Siva so she started penancing in the middle of Agni standing on single leg.

    Kamakshi here, known as Thapas Kamakshi. Siva atlast decided to marry her. On his way down he wanted to meet Sukracharya the Asura guru. He asked kamakshi to move to Kanchi and do her worship over there.

    Kamakshi came to kanchi and she made a Siva lingam of mud and started her pooja once again and she was blessed by Siva and he married her in this place, here she is kalyana kamakshi.

    In her anxity to meet Siva she forgot cool down the Agni in mangadu where she was penancing. The living being were affected due to heat and Adi sankara seeing the sufferings placed a Srichakra or Ardha meru made of eight muligi known as Ashta gandha.

    The place started cooling dowm but people were afraid to see goddess. so he removed the sculpture of thapas Kamaksi and placed a santha roopa Kamakshi with a parrot in one hand and sugarcane in another hand.

    This idol is made of panchaloga (five metals) and known as Adi Kamakshi.

    There is a tortise shape bottom, three steps above it 16 petal lotus flower on which Sri Chakra yantra is kept. It has 43 coroners represting 43 Devathis. Only kumkuma archana for this.

    Next to the temple there is a Siva temple known as Valleswara worshipped by Bargava muni and linga here is huge one in size. We have Subramanya swamy with devayani made of single stone and Ganesa with mango in his hand.

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