Maheswaram Siva temple and Karman Ghat Anjaneyar Temple, Hyderabad, AP  

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  1. Maheswaram: Siva temple.

    The temple is located about 50Kms from Secunderabad and it’s on the way to Srisailam from Hyderabad. The temple is of some 350 years old

    Main Deity is Shiva Ganga Raja Rajeswari and Raja Rajeswara swamy.

    The temple is constructed on the pushkarani Known as Shiva Ganga. It’s a big pushkarani with steps leading down to the water, and we find small 16 sanctums around the pushkarani with small Shiva lingas in it. In some of the sanctums the original shiva linga is missing. These are shodasa lingas around the main Goddess.

    We find three main trees in one place and Ganesha in a small sanctum near this. We enter into a small hall and there is a path leading to main sanctum and steps to the side, leading down to pushkarani.

    The temple is constructed in the pushkarani with two floors. After we worship the pushkarani we enter into a hall where we have the darshan of Goddess Raja Rajeswari. In front of her sanctum we find lion sculpture.

    As we climb few steps we reach Lord Shiva temple. We see Nandidevar in front of the sanctum and Shiva in the form of Linga known as Raja Rajeswarar.

    Purana says Akkanna and Madanna developed the temple.
    Shivarathri festival is celebrated here. Once again comittee members are developing the temple now.

  2. Karman Ghat: Anjaneyar.

    The temple is in saroor Nagar, Hyderabad, AP. The temple is 15 kms from Hyderabad Rly station and 12 Kms from Imliban bus station. The temple is opened to public from 6-12 noon and 4-8 in the evening. The temple dates back to year 11century.

    According to, history 2nd Kakatiya king Pratapa rudra,went for hunting one day, and he heard the roar of tiger and he proceded towards that direction. He could not find and he rested under a tree and again he heard the roar from a bush nearby and he heard a voice asking him to meditate, and then he will be able to find what it is.

    The King did as he was asked and he saw Swayambu Anjaneyar in front of him near the bush when he cleared it. Tke King left to his palace Golkonda. The same night he had a dream to construct a temple for Anjaneyar at the same place where he saw and the place was Lakshmi puram forest and it will be known as Karman Ghat hereafter.

    King did as he was asked and the construction was started on Hanumath Jayanthi day. The main sanctum is Anjaneyar.

    Later on many sanctums were constructed for other deties like Ganesha, Rama mandir, Durga devi, Saraswathi, Kasi viswanadhar, spatika linga and Bramaramba, Santoshi matha, Navagraha, Venu gopalan, Jaganadhar and Subramanya in the form of Nagar by the kings who ruled later.

    The history says Aurangazeb ordered his soilders to demolish the temple and they were not able to reach the temple surroundings. So he himself came to temple and he heard a voice to get the strength to do so before demolishing. Aurangazeb in turn asked to prove the power, and he had the darshan of hanuman and he left the temple. There is a small idol of Hanuman in gold in the main sanctum.

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