Kumkulamma, mavulamma, Yanamadhuru temple.  

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  1. Kumkulammavari temple

    The temple is located on the way to Dwaraka Thirumala. It is about a kilometer distance from the temple.

    The main deity is swayambu Goddess to Kunkudi tree (soap nut tree).

    We see goddess kunkulamma to the trunk of the tree. There is an idol they have installed in front of the tree, to which all rituals are done. The tree is very old and it has started perishing. So, to protect the tree, it is covered with silver kavacham.

    We see a small urchava vigraham in front of the deity. They say the goddess is sister of Lord Venkateswara. Yatra to Dwaraka thirumala is completed only when they visit and pay homage to goddess Kumkulamma

  2. Mavulamma:

    The temple is in Bhimavaram town of west Godavari district in Andhra Pradesh. The temple is about a kilometer distance from Someswara swamy temple of pancha ramala kshetram

    The main deity is, Goddess Mavulamma. The idol is about 10' height. The goddess has eight hands with weapons in each hand. There is a silver garland of skull decorating her.

    Inspite of everything, we can fell the kindness in her looks. We do not feel like moving out from the sanctum.

  3. Yanamadhuru, Saktheeswarar temple

    Saktheeswarar temple

    The temple is about 7 kilometers from Mavulamma Temple of Bhimavaram town

    The main deity is Swayambu Sivalinga known as Saktheeswara Swamy and goddess Parvahi with child Lord Subramanya on her lap.

    Here we see, Siva in Sirasasana posture which is unique and it is one of its kinds.

    Purana says once Yama prayed to Lord Siva to help him out in defeating Sambasuran in fight. At this time Lord Siva was meditating in sirasasana posture and sakthi was beside him to take care and see that he was not disturbed by someone. So, Sakthidevi Parvathy gave her powers to Yama. With her powers in him, Yama was able to defeat Sambasuran

    He prayed to lord Siva to stay back in the same form here and bless mankind. We see goddess next to Lord Siva with Subramanya on her lap.

    Siva is known as Saktheeswarar, because Goddess gave her powers. They say since Lord Siva is in Sirasasana form here, with goddess beside him to shower her blessings on us

    We see two small Nandhi in front of the Nandi in front of Dwajasthambam. The two small Nandi’s are dwarabalakar, which were inside the sanctum and now shifted outside. We find Navagraha sannidhi in the temple. There is a pushkarani in front of the temple

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