Jagan Nadhar temple, Banjara Hills, Hyd Bad, AP.  

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Jagan Nadhar Temple :

The temple is in Banjara Hills, Road NO: 12. The temple architect is exactly like Jagan Nadhar Temple of Puri, Orissa.

Temple has entrance from three sides. At the entrance there is an Arch and Garuda sthambam is seen as we enter inside.

Climb a few steps to enter into a hall were we first have darshan of Garuda pillar and enter into the main sanctum. Here we see Bala Rama Krishna and Subdra.

To the left there is a separate sanctum for Ganesha and Lord Siva. After the darshan of Ganesha and Lord Siva, we continue to go around the prakaram.

Here, we see an entrance arch leading inside temple premises. As we proceed to the left corner a sanctum for Vimala Devi.

Now we are exactly to the back of main sanctum. Here at the rear entrance there is an entrance arch.

We continue with our round were to the right corner there is a sanctum for Maha Lakshmi. After having darshan of her we come to Navagraha seen in a mandapam.

There is a sanctum for Hanuman near the Navgraha mandapam.

Stories related to Krishna and Sri Rama is sculpture and painted to the inner sides of temple compound walls.

The temple is well maintained and kids will enjoy their visit to the temple.

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beautiful construction, want to be there

September 13, 2011 at 10:13 AM

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