Sri Brahamapureeswarar Temple , Thirukadayoor Mayaanam, Nagapattinam.  

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  • Arulmigu Brahmapureeswarar Temple, Thirukadayoore Mayanam, Nagapattinam.

    This temple is One of 275 Devara Sthalam. The temple is about a kilometer distance from Thirukadayoore and about 30 kms from Mailaduthurai.

    The entrance Gopuram to the temple is incomplete.

    As we enter in we walk a little distance to reach the entrance to three tier inner temple gopuram.

    Here we see Nandi to a mandapam in front of the temple.

    We see a mandapam with pillars which leads to the main sanctum

    Main Deity is Siva lingam known as Brahmapureeswarar, and his consort known as Ammalakuja Nayaki / Malar kuzal minnami.

    This is Sanctum of Malarkuzal ammai. She is seen in standing posture

    Sri Brahmapureeswarar sanctum gopuram view.

    As we go around the temple we see separate sanctum for Ganapathy and other deities like Subramanyar, Durgai, Perumal, Dakshina Moorthy and Chandikeswarar with his consort are seen.

    Importance of the place is here Lord Murugan is known as Singaravelan and seen with Valli and Devayanai. He is seen with Bow and arrow in his hand, Rudraksham garland to his neck and is seen with cahppal to his feet. He looks like a warrior here. This is something unique in this place. Here we see a Chandikeswarar, who is known as Guha Chandikeswarar. Vinayakar is known as Pranava Vinayakar in this place.

    Sthala Purana: At the end of the Yuga everything is demolished. Once again in the beginning of next yuga Brahma was reborn and he was given the power of creation, for evolution. Brahma was preached Gyana Upadesa about the secret of creation, by Lord Siva to continue with his work of creation. Hence Lord Siva is known as Brahampureeswarar here.

    Sundarar sang Hymns on Brahamapureeswarar of this temple.
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