Sri Sita Ramar Ttmple of Badrachalam, AP  

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Badrachalam Town is about 300 Kms from Secunderabad.

Sri Sita Ramachandra Swamy temple of Badrachalam is situated on the bank of River Godavari.

Main Arch of  Sri Sita Ramachandra Swamy temple.

The temple dates back to Rayamana Era. The temple was constructed in 17th century by Kancharala Gopanna who is popularly known as Baktha Ramadas a great devotee of Sri Rama.

The temple has main Raja Gopuram with five tiers. We climb few steps to enter into the temple. Inside the temple as we go around we see small sanctums for acharays, and other Gods.

Main Deity is Sita Ramar. Here we see Sri Ramar in sitting posture with Sanku, Chakkra, Bow and arrow in his hands. Sita is seen seated on his lap. Next to them Lakshmana is seen standing with Bow and Arrow in his hands.

Sthala purana: The idols of Vaikuntha Rama, Lakshmana and Sita, were found by Pokala Dammakka ardent devotee of Lord Sri Rama, lived in 17th century in Bhadrireddy palem about a Km away from Badrachalam. One day she had darshan of Sri Rama in her dream. Lord Sri Rama  asked her to trace out the idols, which were worshipped by sages. He asked her to perform pooja and attain salvation. He said one of his devotee will construct a Mandir here. Next day when she went in search of the idols, she found them hidden in an ant hill. She poured water from River Godavari to wash the mud of Anthill, removed the idols and installed them on the hill in a small hut. She performed pooja for the idols of Lord Srirama, Lakshmana and Sita.

In the year 1674 AD Badrachala Rama temple was constructed by Kancharla Gopanna popularly known as Bhakta Ramadas.

Maharishi Badra penanced in this Dandakarnya, on the bank of River Godavari to be blessed by Lord Sri Rama. Sri Maha Vishnu manifested himself as Sri Vaikuntha Rama along with Sita and Lakshmana in front of his Baktha. Badra Rishi requested him to be seated on his head. Lord Sri Rama temple is on the head of Maharishi Badra. Achalam means hill, hence the place was known as Badrachalam.

Bhakta Raamadas:   He was born Gopanna to Linganna Mantri and Kadamba, in a small village Nelakondapalli of Khammam District AP., in the year 1620. He composed several kritis on Lord Sri Rama. His devotion towards Vaikunda Rama of Badrachalam earned him fame as Badrachala Ramadass. Sri Raghunadha Battacharya is his Guru.

During the reign of Abdul Hasan Tana Shah, Gopanna (Ramadas) was appointed as Tasildar for Palvancha Paragna, this includes Badrachalam Town. Gopanna‘s devotion and love towards Lord Sri Rama compelled him to build temple for Lord. He collected money from people for construction of the temple. It was not sufficient so he borrowed from the Tax Revenue, owing to return the money. The Nawab was furious and sentenced him for 12 years in prison. Ramadas composed few finest kritis during that period. Rama and Lakshmana in disguise of two youngsters paid his dues and got his released papers. Lord Rama paid gold coins, which is known as Ram Tanka coins. Pattabishekam scene is seen to one side of the coin and to the other side Baktha Hanuman.

Nawab recognized the greatness of Ramadass and released him from prison and gave him land around Badrachalam. Baktha Ramadass spent rest of his life dedicated to Lord Sri Rama.

Parnasala: This place is about 35 kms from Badrachalam. The place was chosen by Agyasthya for Sri Rama to spend his vanavasa period in Dandakaranya.

Sri Rama constructed a Hermitage, and stayed here with his consort Sita and his brother Lakshmana during his exile

Here we see padukai.

Stream of water is flowing which is known as Sita Vaagu, where she used to bathe and wash her clothing’s. The stones here appear in yellow and red colour. It is believed she used these stones powder as Turmeric and Kumkum.

Temple of Sri Rama at Parnasala.

Dwajasthambam in Sri Rama Temple.

The Deity of Parnasala is known as Sokarama.

We see Rama nama pillar.

Here near Parnasala in the same premises there is a temple for Lord Siva known as Ramalingeswara Swamy.

Here in this temple under the vruksham we see stone sculpture of Sri Rama with Sita sitting on his lap

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