Sri. Sishta Guru Natheswarar temple, Thiru Thurayoor, Cuddlore Dt.  

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Sri. Sishta Guru Natheswarar temple: Thiru Thurayoor, Cuddlore Dt.

The place is about 8kms from Bunnrutti, and it is about 32 kms from Cuddalore. This is one of the Nadu Nadu Devara Sthalam. This is also considered as Guru Sthalam.

We see Dwajsthambam in front of he main sanctum.

Sthala Vruksham is Kondrai, and Teertham is Soorya Pushkarani.

Main Deity is Swayambu Siva Lingam known as Sishta Guru Nadeswarar / Pasupatheeswarar and his consort here known as Poongkodhai / Sivaloka Nayaki.

Other deities seen in the temple as we go around the prakaram are Nardhana Vinayakar in separate sanctum, Dakshina Moorthy as Koshta Deivam, where we see Lord Siva who blesses Sundarar as a sculpture, Subramanyar, Bairavar, Soorya Lingam, Rama Lingam, Beema Lingam, Soorya Bagawan, Adi Kesava Bakthavatchalar, Gaja Lakshmi, and Ashtabuja Kali.

Sthala Purana Says when Saint Sundarar reached this place the River Penna was flowing, so he sang Hymn on Lord Siva from the other bank of the River. At that time old couple who came there took him in their boat to cross the River. Sundarar searched for Lord Siva who disappeared from his vision. Old man told Sundarar, the person whom he was searching for is above him. Old man disappeared from there. Sundarar when he saw up, he saw Lord Siva with his consort on Rishba Vahan. Sundarar pleaded to Lord Siva to give Upadesam (teach) about Penance. Lord Siva was pleased and here in this temple as a Guru, he gave Upadesam (teach) to Sundarar about the penance. Hence he is known as Sishta Guru Nadhar / Thava Neri Aaludayar.

There is a, shrine for Thaduthu Aatkonda Eswarar as old man granting darshan for Saint Sundarar, opposite to temple. Sundarar sang Hymns on Lord Siva of this temple. Arunagiri nadhar sang Thirupugzh on Lord Subramanyar.

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