Panayapuram, Panagkateeswarar Temple. Vizhupuram,  

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Panayapuram: Panagkateeswarar Temple.

The place Thiru Panagkattoore is about 10 kms from Vizhupuram. This place is one of the Siva Devara Sthalam of Nadu Nadu. This is one of the five temples having Palm tree as Sthala Vruksham.

Main Raja Gopuram of the temple. The temple has two prakarams.

Sthala Vruksham is Panai and teertham known as Padhuma Teertham.

Main deity is Swayambu Lingam known as Panagkateesar facing east.

Goddess Puravammi / Sathyambikai here is seen in separate sanctum facing east.

The place was surrounded by Mullai forest hence the name Puravaar Panagkattore.

Other deities seen as we go around the temple prakaram are Vinayakar


63 Nayanmars, Sapthamadhar, Thirumaal, Rishabaroodar, Gajalakshmi, Nalwar, Dakshina murthy, Brahama, Lingothbavar, Durgai, Pichadanar, Somaskandar, Navagraham, Sani Bagawan Chandekeswarar and Natarajar. Thiru Neelakandar and wife are seen with their palms put together in the temple.

View of the temple tower as we go around the prakaram

King Daksha Prajapathy
did not invite Lord Siva for the Yagnam which he was conducting. He refused to pay offerings for Lord Siva in the Yagnam and insulted Lord Siva. Every one of the Devas, who attended the Yagam performed by King Dakshan and took his offerings were punished by Akora Veerabadrar, messenger of Lord Siva.

Sooryan lost his luster, and he had to worship Lord Siva in many places to regain his luster. This is one of the place were Sooryan worshiped Lord Siva. Lord Siva blessed Sooryan and he gained his old bright form. As a mark of respect every year during the month of April/ May (from Tamil new year day) early morning Sun rays falls on Lord Siva and then on Goddess for a week

Sthala Purana says In order to protect the pigeon that surrendered to him Sibichakravarthy came forward to yield his eyes. Lord Siva was pleased by Sibichakravarthy’s dedication to his work as a ruler. He appeared before him and blessed him with eyesight which he lost. So Lord Siva of this place is also known as Kann Parithu Aruliya Kadavul.

Thiru Gyana Sambandhar sang Hymns on Lord Siva of this temple. There are stone inscriptions of first Kulothunga Cholan, Parakesari Adi Rajendra Devan and Koneranmai Kondan. As Per the inscriptions Lord Siva is known as Thirupanag kattudaya Maha Devar and the place known as Thiru Puravar Panagkatudayar temple.

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