Thiruvallore and Sri perumpoodhur temple. Chennai.  

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  1. Thiruvallore

    One of 108 Divaya desams. From chennai the place is 45 kms. The place can be reached by rail route from Chennai to Arakonam. Busses are available from all places.

    Main deity: Sri Veeraraghava perumal in sleeping posture and Kanakavalli thayar in different sanctum.

    Importance: When Sali hothra muni was penancing here Vishnu in the form of old man visited him and had lunch with him and after lunch he asked the muni to show the place for him to take a nap. Muni showed him the parnasala (kutil). Here he rested in his original form in sleeping posture and hence the name Thiruvallore which was originally known as Thiru a vull.

    Maindeity: Veeragava perumal has rested his hand on the head of Salihothra muni, and his left hand depecting Gyana mudra to preach Brahma.

    There other deities like Vinayaka, Gopalan, Desikar, Andal, Lakshmi narashimar, Sudarshanar, Ananthan and Azhwar. This place is known as Punyavarthi kshetram.

    Anyone who worships Lord here, their good deeds multiply and bad ones are waved. One who takes a dip in Hruththapanasini pushkaram is relieved of all ailments. The perumal here is also known as Vaidya Veeraragava perumal.

  2. Sri perumbudhoore: Vishnu temple.

    The place is 31kms south west of Chennai.

    Main deity: Sri Adikesava perumal with Sridevi and Bhoodevi thayar in standing posture and Goddess Ethiraja valli thayar. Teertham: Anantha saras.

    Importance: The place is known as Aranyaranam and Boodhapuri. To get rid of Siva’s curse Boodha ganas penenced here and were blessed by Vishnu. In turn, they built the temple for Vishnu and hence the place is known as Boodhapuri.

    There is an idol of Ramanujar here which was embraced by him. Other deities like Rama, Andal, Udayavar, Desikan, and Alavandhar are there. This is birth place of Ramanujar.

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