Thiruvirkolam and Thiruthani Temple. Kanchi / Arakonam route.  

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  1. Thiruvirkolam:

    This is One of 275 important temples of Siva

    the place is towards Chennai to Arakonam rail route stop at Kadambathoor, and 10 kms south from there is the temple Direct buses are available from Kanchi, Thiruvallore, and Poondhamalli and Sri perumandhur.

    Main deity is Swayambu lingam known as Tripuranthakar and Thirupurasundari ammai.Teertham is Kuvagni teertham.Sthala vruksham: Vilvam.

    Name: The axle of the charriot broke here at this place, when Siva was leading his ganas to fight against Thirupurasuran, hence the name of the place is Thiruvirkolam.

    Importance: Siva linga here known as Teenda thiru meniar so the linga is always covered by kavacham. Even Sivachariar are not allowed to touch. Sambandhar in his hymns about the Siva here that linga changes its colour when it is going to rain heavily, and to red colour before the break of war as an indication.

    Sthala purana says that when Siva decided to destroy the asuras Thirupurasuran, Kamalakshan and Vidunmali the world turned into chariot and Surya Chandra as saradhi, Devas as wheels, Meru as bow, and Vasuki as arrow and Agni as tip of arrow.

    It was at this place the axle broke because they forgot to worship Ganesha before commencing. They realised their mistake and worshipped Ganesha for success in their mission. Utsavar idol of Siva here is with bow and arrow.

  2. Thiruthani:

    This are 6 important place of lord Subramanya known as padaiveedu.
    This is one of the padaiveedu.

    The place is about 86 kms from chennai, and about 45 kms from Kancheepuram.

    Main deity is Subramanya swamay Valli Deavasanai in different sanctum.

    Importance: The temple is on hillock. We have 365 steps to climb and road is there to reach by vehicle. This is the place Murugan married Valli.The other deities are Ganesha Uma Maheswarar, Kamakshi, Ekambasewarar, Arumuga swamy,Kumareswara lingam, and Veerabadrar.

    One of the sangeetha trimoorthy Sri Muthuswamy Deekshitar had the darshan of Muruga as a small child and Murugan, gave misiri and blessed him with Gyana

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