Naganadha swamy, Sri Krishna, Nandi temple and Malai kottai temple. Trichy.  

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This time our tour was to Thirchirappalli for four days from january 9- 2008. The place is one of the important junctions well connected to Airways, Railways and Roadways. We stayed at Mayavaram Lodge, 87, Vanappattarai Street, Teppakulam Post, and Thiruchirappalli-620002. Phone number: 0431-2704089, 0431-2722400.

The accommodation was reasonable and service rendered was good. It was homely. They have car for rents also. The car driver Kuzandhaivelu was very coperative and helpful.

Our tour was mainly to visit Old important temples of Siva, Vishnu, and few temples on the way. We were unable complete all temples of our choice, due to temple timings.

My next few posts will be about our places which we covered in and around Trichy.

  1. Naganadhaswamy temple

    The temple is in Nandikoil Street, near theppakulam. Sthala Vruksham is Vilvam.
    Teertham is Siva teertham.

    Main Deity is Swayambu linga known as Naganadhaswamy and his consort Anandhavalli ambikai in different sanctum.

    Some munie's due to ego thought they can live on their own, without the blessings of god. To awaken them Siva fought with them, and they diverted snakes, against Siva. In turn Siva wore the snakes as ornaments, hence the name Naganadhar.

    Importance: The temple is below the ground level. Siva is facing east and Amman sannidhi to south. We can watch both deities at the same time from one place. There is a small tank in front of Amman sannidhi.

    Scvandhi nadhar and Saramamuni worshipped Siva of this place with sevandhi flowers.
    Navagraha sannidhi is different here we see only sun with wives and rest alone.

    The other deities we see are Ganesha, Subramanya swamy, Dandayudha pani, Somaskandhar, and Bairavar.

  2. Krishna temple: The temple is in Nandhi koil Street. It is a Small temple with Krishna as main deity. There is a separate sanctum for Anjaneya near the entrance to right.

  3. Nandi temple: The temple is in Nandi street.

    Importance:There is a huge Nandi here. This Nandi belongs to Thayumanar temple.Once upon a time the whole place was belonging to temple. Now houses have built inbetween and Nandi is seperated from main temple

  4. Malai kottai: Ganesha and Lord Siva temple.

    This is one of 275 Siva Devara sthalam temples.

    The place is about 5 kms from Trichy and half km from chattram bus stand.This temple is a fort temple and there are 3 temples here.

    Teertham: cauveri, Siva gangai, and Brahma teertham.Sthala vruksham is Vilvam. The temple is known as Dakshina kailasam.

    Main Deities: Mannika vinakar once you enter the temple. Mathruboodheswarar or Thayumanavar, and his consort Mattuvarkuzali, or Sugandhakundalambikai, in different sanctum and it is half the way to the top hill. Uchhi pilliar Ganesha on the top hill.

    Importance: The height of the temple is 275’ and there are nearly 420 steps to climb. Siva took care of a girl during pregnancy and delivery time in the form of the girl's mother, hence he is known as Thayumanavar.

    Agasthya, Arjuna, Hanuman, Rathnavathi, Rama, Saptha Kanniar, Saptha Rishi, Sarama muni and chittar worshipped Siva of this place.

    There is a big hall before entering Siva temple which is full of paintings and pillars have beautiful carvings. We see a chain hanging in the roof made of single stone. The roof of the hall is also fully painted.

    Sarma muni worshipped Siva with chevandi flowers brought from naga lokha and hence he is called as Chevandhi nadhar also. One of 64 Siva moortham known as gangala moortham is seen here. There are two caves in the temple.

    Navukkuarasar and Sambandhar sang hymns on Siva of this place.

    Purana of ucchi pilliar Veebishana was taking the idol of Ranganadhar to Srilanka,on his return. He was cautioned not to keep the idol down if so he will not be able to remove it and take. He agreed to the condition.

    On his way he gave the idol to Ganesha to hold for some time to finish his evening ritualas. Ganesha agreed, and after a while he placed the idol down and went to the top of the hill.

    Veebishana saw the idol down when he returned and he failed in lifting up the idol. He returned back to his place without the idol. Ranganadhar agreed to face south, towards the dirrection of srilanka

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hi amma
never thought i have seen so many places in tiruchi :)

great set of temples this time too

February 10, 2008 at 6:30 AM

Sorry, I have posted this comment in a wrong place earlier and so posting it here now:
Very nice work Madam and I have Blogrolled you in my Blog: Sometimes back I visited Thiruvellarai temple and the travelogue is in my Blog. But I came to know about the Swasthik kulam only after visiting the temple. Since then I was searching for glimpses of it through photos but I have not seen any so far. Your's was the first photo of the tank, I have seen. I would like to see more photos of the tank, if you have. If possible you can send it to me at or you can post it in your Blog itself for the benefit of all.
I have geographically marked out hundreds of temples in:
Also there are plenty of photos on temples here:
Continue your great work.

March 2, 2008 at 8:01 PM

I was searching for Navagraha Stahalam(s) and randomly landed on your blog, but it proved such a treasure trove that I am confident will prove very useful in my family's forthcoming trip.

The travelogue is well compiled and highly informative.
Just one request though, add some more tags, so others could reach your blog easily.

June 29, 2008 at 6:30 PM

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