Balaji temple, Sivan Malai, Karoor, Marriamman and Venjama koodloor temple. Karoor.  

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  1. Balaji temple:

    The temple is in Tirupoor town. It is popularly known as Tirupathi. It is in the same to the other end of Guruvayoor temple.

    Importance: The temple is recent construction well maintained, and everything is performed in a systamatic way. We see sculpture relating to Vishnu avataras, all through the temple. If one gets opportunity to visit Thirupoor do not miss to visit the temple.

  2. Sivan malai: Subramanya swamy temple.

    The place is about 4 kms from Kangeyam. There are about 200 steps to climb. There is road laid so that car can reach till the top.

    Main deity: Swayambu linga known as Vennieeswarar, Nanjundeeswarar and Parvardhini amman. Sthala vruksham: Kotti.

    Importance: Puruna says the mountain is a bit of Sanjeeve parvatham. Butter and curd are offered to God here. Subramanaswamy is seen with four hands and a face. He is sitting on peacock. Hanuman worshipped Siva in this place and we see hanuman in separate sanctum here.

    Arunagirinadhar sang Thirupugazh on Subramanya swamy of this place.

  3. Karoor: Siva temple.

    This is one of 275 important siva Devara Sthalam. The temple dates to 2nd century.

    The place is about 76 kms from Trichy, 112 kms from Coimbatoore and 100 kms from Salem.

    Main Deity is Swayambu lingam known as Kalyana Pasupadeeswarar, and his consort known as Soundara nayaki / Vadivudai amman, / Krupa nayaki and Alankara valli amman.

    Sthala vrukasham: Ashoka plant. Teertham: Amaravathi, Brahama, Thakadai teertham, Denu teertham and Muruga teertham.

    Importance: Kamadenu worshipped Siva of this place hence the name of the temple is Karoovur Anelai and kamadenu acquired the power of creating living beings.

    The other deities in the temple are Kanni Ganapathy, Murugan, Nayanmars, Natarajar Mahalakshmi, Karimala varadhar, Arunagirinadhar, Dandayudhapani and Navagraham.

    Arunagirinadhar sang Tirupugazh on Murugan of this place, and Sambandhar sang hymns on Siva of this place

  4. Mariamman temple of Karoor

  5. Thanthondri malai: Balaji temple.

    The temple belongs to 12th century.Location: Karoor.

    Main deity is Swayambu Balaji

    Importance: This temple is a cave temple. Venkatachalapati ie: Balaji idol is big in size. There is no separate Goddess. Here he is known as Kalyana Venkatesa perumal along with Lakshmi in him. Utsavar here is known as Sreenivasar and Ubaya nachiar thayar.

    The temple is on small hillock. Normally vishnu temples abishakam is done only once in a week but, here like Siva, Sreenivasa perumal is interested in daily abishekam different from other vishnu temples. The temple is important prarthany sthalam.

  6. Venjamak Koodaloor:

    One of 275 important siva Devara sthalam. The temple is about 16 kms from Karvoor.

    Main Deity is Swayambu linga known as Kalyana Vikrutheeswarara and Panneer mozhiammai. Teertham is Vikrutha teertham and Kudavanaru. Sthala vruksham is Vilvam.

    Importance: Siva here was worshipped by King Venjan of hunter caste. Kuduvnaru and Chitraru sangamam so the place is known as Venjamakoodal. Indra worshipped Siva of this place to get rid of his curse by Agalaya.

    Sundarar sang hymns on Siva andArunagirinadhar sang Thirupugazh on Murugan of this place.

  7. Koniamman of coimbatoore

  8. Puliampatti: Ganesa. The temple is in Coimbatoore town.

    Importance: Ganesa is in the centre of the road and it is huge in size.

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