Temples of Mylapore.  

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  1. Adi Kesava perumal temple: Peyazwar thiruk koil.

    The temple is at the back of Kapaleeswarar temple.

    Main Deity is Adi kesava Perumal and Maragadha valli thayar or Mayoora valli thayar. Teertham is Sarva teertham or Hari hara teertham.

    Importance: Peyazwar’s birth place. There is a separate sanctum for him. We see Anjeyaneyar and Chakkrathazwar in different sanctums.

  2. Vedanta Desikar temple:

    The temple is next to Adi kesava perumal temple.

    Importance: Origanally it was Vedanta Desikar temple. Now we see Sreenivasa perumal, Padmavathi thayar, and Anjaneyar in different sanctums.

  3. Virupaksheeswarar Temple: Siva temple.

    The temple is in Mylapore, Chennai.

    Main Deity is Siva linga known as Virupaksheeswarar and his consort known Visalakshi Amman in different sanctum.Sthala Vruksham is Vilvam.

    Importance: Sundara moorthy nayanar worshipped Siva here and he saw Nataraja, in Lord Siva.Nataraja has a sanctum here.

    The other deities in the temple are Subramanaya swamy in different sanctum and Navagrahas.

  4. Karaneeswarar: Siva temple of 12th century.

    The temple is in Bazzar Street.

    Main Deity is Karaneeswarar and his consort known as Porkodi amman.
    Sthala Vruksham is Mango tree.

    Importance: Siva lingam here is, Square in shape. Surya with his wife among Navagraha is seen here.

  5. Mallieswarar: Siva temple.

    The temple is in Mylapore, Chennai.

    Main Deity is Siva lingam known as Maleeswarar and his consort Maragadhambikai amman. Sthala vruksham is jasmine.

    Purana says Parthan King of Ayodha meditated here to acquire the blessings of Siva. Lord Siva was pleased with his penance, and appeared before him and blessed him. Parthan worshipped Siva in this place which is full of Jasmine plant hence he is named as Malleeswaran

    Importance: There is a neem tree and pipal together look like one tree.

  6. Valleeswarar: Siva temple.

    The temple is to South mada veedhi of Mylapore,Chennai, near Kapaleeswarar temple.

    Main Deity is siva Lingam known as Vallieswarar and his consort known as Kamakshi amman.in different sanctum.

    Asura guru Sukracharya made a Siva lingam and worshipped. Siva was pleased with his worship and revealed himself along with Vishnu and Brahma. Hence, the name Vallieswarar for the deity here.

    Puranasays once a lamp in Siva was dim and at that time a rat came there to drink the oil in the lamp and doing so the lamp started glowing. Siva took it as a good deed of rat. The rat had a rebirth, as King Mahabali on earth with fame. Once when Mahabali performed a yaga, Vishnu came in the form of Vamana roopam to acquire dhanam, from the king.

    Asura guru knew it and wanted to stop the act of king; he took the form of bee and entered into the beak of can to stop the act.

    Vamana pocked with grass into the beak of can for the water to pour out. By this act Sukracharya lost his eyes and to get back the vision he did meditation and pooja in this place.

  7. Mundakanniamman Temple:

    The temple is at Mundakanniamman temple street, Mylapore, Chennai.
    Sthala Vruksham is Banyan Tree.

    Main Deity is Swayambu roopam of Goddess known as Mundagakanni Amman in sitting posture. This is one of the sakthi peetam.

    The main sanctum is of covered of coconut leaves only and the rest of the place is normal construction. The goddess is also known as senthamaraivasini because she is seated on lotus flower like goddess Lakshimi. At the back of main sanctum, we see banyan tree with snake pit.

  8. Madhava perumal temple:

    The temple belongs to 13th century. The temple is at Mylapore, Chennai.

    Main deity is Madhava perumal in sitting posture, and his consort known as Amrita valli thayar. Teertham is Santhana pushkarani.

    Sthala puranam: Thirumagal was adopted as, daughter of Brugu muni and he named her as Amirtha valli. Vishnu meets muni as Madhavan and asks permission for his daughter to marry him. Brugu muni performed their marriage in this place.

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