Gyana Saraswathi Temple  

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  1. Basar: Gyana Saraswathi temple.

    The temple is in Basar town of Nizamabad district in Andhra Pradesh. It is about 250kms from Hyderabad. The town is well connected by bus and rail. Choultrys are available.

    The main deity is known as Gyana Saraswathi.It is of mud, installed and worshipped by Vedavyasar. The temple is situated on the banks of River Godavari.

    We see a separate temple for Vedavyasar to the side of main entrance on the main road. The temple has a beautiful park around well maintained. The temple is famous for Akshrabyasa ceremony for little kids.

    Within the main sanctum we find Goddess Lakshmi also to the side of Goddess Saraswathi, and utsava vigraham. Sthala vruksham is Meda tree. Dhathathreya is seen under the tree. Annadhanam scheme is there in the temple.

    We see maha kali temple on the first floor of the praharam. A little distance away from the temple we can reach the bathing ghats of River Godavari.

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