Someswara Swamy temple and Jain temple.  

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  1. Kulipaka Someswara Swamy temple:

    The place is now known as Kolusupaka. the temple is Veera saiva Kshetram in Aleru mandal, Nalgonda District, AP. Its about 80 kms from Hyderabad city. 6kms from Aleru.

    The temple is very old one and there are stone inscriptions of kings who have donated lands, cow, gold etc, to the temple during the period 1070-1126 for maintanance and nithya pooja. Chalukya architecture decorates the structure of the temple.

    The main deity is Swayambu linga known as Someswara lingam and his consort goddess sakthi matha chandikamba. The temple is taken care by Veera saiva dharma samsthapanam. Veera Saiva lingodhbawa moorthy is seen at the back of Someswara swamy inside the main sanctum.

    Moon worshipped Siva of this place to get rid of his curse by Guru. Naradha, Rama, Agyasthaya muni, and others have worshipped siva of this place. We see many idols in the temple as a proof.

    The temple is full of carved stones and pillars with stone carvings in three segments. First we see a Maha Dwaram with Kakathiya style.

    We see Ganesha near the entrance to one side and a Nandi in lower level to the ground. As we enter there is Dwajasthambam with nandi at the top. Hanuman is there to the front of dwajasthamba. Ganapathy and subramanya swamy is seen to either side near Hanuman.

    From the main entrance to the second segment we have a big corridor on either sides with full of beautiful sculptures of all gods and goddess on a platform which catch your eyes.

    There is a Linga here known as Nayalinga, where villagers settle their disputes by touching the linga and solve their problems.

    Near the door to the second segment on either side we seeVeerabadhra and Subramannya swamy. Here we see Linga and a big Nandi known as Bavishya nandi.

    Now we enter into the third segment which is a big hall known as Navaranga mandapam and the main garbhagraham of Swayambu Someswara swamy in the form of lingam, and at the back, we see Sri Jagadhguru Renukacharya lingothbava moorthy.

    In the Navaranga mandapam we see a big Siva lingam with panchalokha trimoorthy with kavacham and a big nandi in front.

    Goddess chandikamba sannidhi is attached to main Someswara swamy. To the side of the temple we see Kotilingam and nandi in front of him.

  2. Veera narayana swamy temple:

    This temple is also situated in the same place Kolunapaka, near Someswara swamy temple. This temple is also very old one. Chalukyan style is reflated on this temple built around 1104 AD.

    Inside the premises we see Mahalakshmi and Sita Ramar in different sanctum. At the back of the temple there is a Shiridi baba temple.

  3. Jain mandir: Sri Swetharambar jain tirth mandir.

    Location: Kolanapakka, Nalgonda District, Andhra pradesh.
    This temple is about a kilometer away from someswara swamy temple.

    In the jain mandir beautiful images of Thirthankaras are seen. The impressive image of Mahaveera is carved entirely out of precious jade.

    They say the temple is as old as 2000 years, and it was last renovated some 100 years back when it was discovered. Now the renovation work is going on for the past 20 years.

    The temple is of marble stones and pillars.The complete temple is with beautiful carvings to the side’s pillars and roof. There is a huge bell at the entrance of the temple.

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yes attai i ve visited these temples.. u have written very well abt them...

November 27, 2008 at 5:48 AM

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