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This time our christmas vaccation trip was towards Madurai in and around temples, Part of Sivagangai district and Ramanad district. We were six in number and hired a qualis for our trip from Madurai. The trip was of seven days, and it was wonderful trip which i wish to share with everyone.

Madurai is about 450 Kms SW from chennai. The place is well connected by Rail, Road and Air. Good frequency of city bus services available to near by places as well. We started from Secunderabad, AP, and travelled upto Danushkoti and back to our place.

The expenditure worked out to Rs 5000/ per head. This includes train tickets, taxi, room and food. All temples are opened from 5.30Am to 12 noon and 4Pm to 8pm. I have tried to give few important things about the temples which we visited.

This time we were able to cover most of the places as we planned. All temples in Madurai are in connection to the 63 Siva leelas of Lord siva.

Next few posts will be about, temples of Madurai, Thirupattur, Sivagangi and Ramanadhapuram districts.

  1. Meenakshi temple:

    One of 275 important Siva temples.
    The temple dates back to 1600BC. The construction of walls and it structure resembles to those of 7th century.

    Main deity is Swayambu lingam known as Chokka Nadhar, and his consort, Goddess Meenakshi amman in seperate sanctum. Teertham is Portamari and vaigai.
    Sthala vruksham is Kadamba Maram.

    Importance: This is the place were Siva performed his 64 siva leelas. Pandya king was without child and he prayed God. Parvathi came out of fire and was brought by the king. She was named as Thadathagai and was married Siva who ruled the place. Here Goddess is given more importance and one has to visit goddess sanctum first and then Lord Siva's sanctum.

    In front of Meenakshi Amman sanctum, we see portamari kulam (tank). Near the tank on the step we see Vibudhi pilliar. We have darshan of Goddess Meenakshi.

    As we go to Sunderaswarar sanctum, we see Mukkurani pilliar which is huge in size.

    We then enter into Kambathadi mandapam

    Here the pillars are carved with huge sculpture, like Agni veerabadharar, Akora veerabadharar, Urrthava thandava moorthy and Badhrakali.

    In the mandapam we see Nandi in a mandapam and a dwajasthambam with gold covering. The pillars of Nandi mandapam are with beautiful carvings of Lord Siva in different forms to huge size. The sculptures are so good the place is always crowded with foreginers. Non hindus are not allowed inside after this place.

    To he sides of entrance Dwarabalakas are seen which are about 12 feet height and made of single stone. As we enter inside the artha mandapam Nataraja sabha is seen, which is known as Velliampathi. Natarage is made of stone, and it is huge in size. Sivakammi ammai is seen next, to the side of Nataraja. Here he Nataraja has changed his leg posture, to other side, different from regular side, as we see in Siva temples.

    The story goes like this King was feeling sad for Nataraja being in the same posture and his leg may pain. So he requested Lord Nataraja to change the leg so that he can relax the other one. Lord Siva obliged for his prayer, and he gives, same darshan for public also as king had the darshan of Lord Nataraja. This is unique feature in the temple. Finally we see Siva in the form of lingam in the main sanctum known as Sundareswarar.

    As we come out of the sanctum we see Ellam valla chiiter in different sanctum. The wall, of main sanctum is rested on 4 elephant, 8 lions and 16 Demons. Other deities are Bala Dakshina moorthy, Durgai, Lakshmi devi, Vanni maram of stone and a small well, and Navagraha.

    The day we visited the temple we were lucky to have darshan of Meenakshi sundareswarar in golden charriot

  2. Pudhu Mandapam:

    This mandapam is seen in front of Meenakshi temple main Gopuram. There are pillars carved with sculptures is seen. The mandapam is full of stalls inside.

  3. Thousand pilliar Mandapam:

    This mandapam is almost like a museum full of stone sculpture which is worth having a look. The whole thing is so beautiful no words to express. The pillars are in a straight line and the mandapam is designed in such a way it looks like a charriot pulled by elephant. I have posted the photos of the sculptures of this mandapam.

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