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Our trip was to temples in Mahabub nagar District. All the temples which, we visited were shifted from near by villages to the present location. It’s not only the deity, but the whole structure of the temple is shifted. No words to appreciate the work done. All temples belong to Kakathiya period of 12th century. Every temple construction is of stone.

  1. Madhava swamy temple:

    Location: Kollapur of Mahabub nagar district, Andhara Pradesh.

    Route: Hyderabad, Jadcherla, Nagarkarnool, Kollapur and Jataprolu is one route. The other one is Karnool, Pebair, Jataprolu, Somasilla and Kollpur. The distance is about nearly 180 kms from Hyderabad.

    Main deity is Lord Krishna known as Madhava perumal.

    The complete structure of the temple is shifted from near by village to Kollapur which was feared to submerge in water. When somasilla project was under taken, it was shifted to this place, 25 years back from its original place.

    We see a huge gopuram with full of sculpture and huge front door. As we enter we see a stone pillar in front of the dwajasthambam full of sculpture. There is a small sanctum for garudazwar and Mandapam with pillars is seen. Radha, Rukmani and Madhava perumal is seen in main sanctum. Beautiful sculpture is to the celing of mandapm.

  2. Somasilla:

    Someswra swamy and his consort Goddess Lalitha.

    Distance: This place is 8kms from Kollapur.

    Main Deity: Someswara swamy is surrounded by 12 jyothir lingas here.
    The complete temple is stone structure. Endowment board has taken the temples.
    If proper care is taken it can become good tourist spot.

    As we enter inside we see Veerabadharar to right. It’s a huge mandapam with pillars and we see eight jyothirlingas in different sanctum. Mahishasura mardhini sculpture is seen, they say if one keeps jaggery near the goddess and pray they are bestowed with child.

    Goddess Lalitha is outside the mandapam to the side in different sanctum. We see Srichakra of stone in front of Lalitha matha. As we go around the main sanctum we see the other 4 jyothir lingas. It’s really exiting, to have the darshan of all 12 jyothir lingas in one place.

  3. Jataprolu: Madhana Gopala swamy.

    Distance: This place is about 6kms from Somasilla.

    Main deity: Venu madhavar along with Radha and Rukmani about 5’ height.
    The place is where Jatayu fought with Ravana while he kidnapped Sita.

    This temple is also, shifted from its original place. We see medium size gopuram. As we enter, we see Dwjasthambam and big mandapam with pillars beautifully sculptured. Since the whole structure is stone its cool inside.

    We cross two level of mandapam to main sanctum and the deity is Venugopala swamy with Radha and Rukmani. The temple has entrance to four sides and we see pyol to three sides. We see Andal in separate sanctum.

  4. We see about 20 separate sanctums of Lord Siva which are shifted from neighbouring villages near Madhavaperumal temple.

    All the temples are to endowement board. They are kept in a vast area which can be maintined in a better way to attract public. It’s to the other side of the road and we have an entrance arch built. We see a tomb sort of thing on which we get the names list of temple deities present in the place.

    The main temple is Agneeswarar. The deities and the temple are in good condition. The real fact is no one to perform daily pooja to god which hurts us.

    The other deities seen here are Veerabadhreswara swamy, Ramalingeswara swamy, Rajajeswara swamy, Chaturvedaeswara swamy, shambulinga swamy, Visweswara swamy, Bheemaseswara swamy, kaleeswara swamy, Anantha padmanabha Swamy, Gangadhareswara swamy, Bairavar, Sambasiva swamy, Maleswara swamy, Uma maheswara swamy, Madhana gopala swamy, Mallikarjuna swamy, Venugopala swamy, Jateswara swamy and Madhavaperumal.

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Great Collection. I was looking for this info in google and reached your blog. Thanks for posting this

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Wonderful and worthy effort. Appreciate your doing it with such detail and intrest. Wonder how this heritage will be safeguared from pilferage !


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