Sri Lakshmi Narashimar and Uma Maheswarar temple. Secunderabad, AP  

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  1. Sri Lakshmi Narashimar temple:

    The temple is in a lane leading to Market Street from RP road, Secunderabad, AP
    The temple is under renovation. They have shifted main deities to balayalam near the temple premises within a shutter nearby the temple premises.
    Main Deity is Lakshmi Narashima Swamy.

    The main deity is having his left leg front which means he is ready to help one who
    Worship him. We see Sanku and chakkram held to his point fingers and rest of the four fingers together pointed towards him. The other two hands of Narashimar is, Abhya hastham and Varadha hastham.

    Other deities that belong to the temple is Andal, Azwar, Anjaneyar, and Utsavar

  2. Uma Maheswarar Temple.

    This temple is on the lane that connects General Bazaar from RP Road.
    We may have to climb few steps to enter into the temple.

    Main deity is in Lingam form known as Uma Maheswarar. Ganapathy is seen in different sanctum next to the main sanctum. Other deities seen inside are Sathya Narayanar, Anjaneyar, and step down few steps to go around Navagrahas.

  3. Lakshmi Narayanar temple:

    This temple is about 5 minutes walk in the opposite lane of Uma Maheswara Swamy Temple.There is a huge Raja Gopuram and we see dwjasthambam with Garudazwar facing main deity Lakshmi Narayanar.

    The main deity is Lakshmi Narayanar of Marble stone.There is a separate sanctum for Andal and Azwar.

  4. Kannika Parameswari Temple:

    This temple is about five minutes walk from Lakshmi Narayanar Temple.
    The temple is attached to marriage hall. We see Kannika Parameswari as main deity with Sri Chakra in front of her.

    We find utsavar in front of her. There is a separate sanctum for Lord Siva and Goddess Parvathavardhini.

    Anjaneyar is seen in separate sanctum in the main hall.

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