Sri Rama Temple, Sitaram Bagh, Hyderabad City.  

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  1. Sree Rama temple.

    The temple is in Sitaram bagh, Hyderabad city. The temple is about 400 years old.
    The temple is a private temple managed by Rajastani family. There is a main Raja gopuram in different form. There is no hundi in the temple.

    As we enter through the main entrance we see many families residing inside the compound. There is a way leading from side to the temple. The place looks like a fort.

    We see different vahanas which is used during the festival time .

    There is a sixteen pillar mandapam as we enter inside.

    we cross and enter inside and we see a separate sanctum for Lord Ganesha.After worshipping Lord Ganesha we climb few steps, to Lord Srirama temple.

    We enter into a maha mandapam of Srirama sanctum.

    Here we see Dwajasthambam and a small sanctum attached to it with Garudazwar and Hanuman for darshan. we seek the permission of Garudazhwar and visit the main sanctum.

    Inside the main sanctum we see Lord Rama with Seetha, Lakshmana, Baratha and Saturugnan. This is rare thing. Main deity of Srirama and Baratha are of black stone and the rest are white stone.

    In front of the main deity there are three steps. To the top most one we see brass idols of Sri Rama, Seetah and Lakshmana. In the second step we see Radha krishnar and in the last one saligrama stones.

    As we come out there is another perumal temple with separate entrance. As we enter in we see garudazwar in a small sanctum near Dwajasthambam. In front of Garudazhwar we see Perumal with Thayar. There is a separate sanctum for Thayar.

    As we walk out from a side entrance we enter in to see a sanctum for Sri
    Hanuman and near by a separate sanctum for Mataji. there is a big pipal tree in front of Hanuman mandir.

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