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  1. Sirupulioor:

    This is one of 108 Divya Desa perumal temples. The place is about 16 kms distance from Mailaduthurai to Thiruvavoore.
    We take a diversion towards North east from Kollumangkudi and travel for about 2 kms to reach the temple.

    The temple is under renovation.
    The temple has a Raja gopuram of five storey and two prakarams. As we enter we see Dwajasthambam and enter into mahamandapam , artha mandapam and reach the main sanctum.

    Main deity here, known as Arulma kadalamudhan, in reclined posture. The sayanam is known as “Bbala sayanam”. We see Brahma on lotus from Lords naval, Kanva Maharishi to a side and Pulikal Munivar to other side. Here Urchavar, is known as Krupa samudra perumal.

    Thayar sannidhi is seen in the prakaram and she is known as Thirumagal Nachiyar. Dayanayaki is urchava mortham of thayar.

    Thiru Anantha pushkarani and manasa pushkarani are Teertham related to temple. Vilvam is Sthala Vruksham in this temple.

    Manavala ma muni sannidhi is seen outside the temple and Anantha azhwar sanndhi seen on the bank of pushkarani.

    Story says Garuda and Ananthan had enemity. Ananthan escaped from Garuda, and finally reached this place. He started penancing here, near the pushakarani. Perumal was happy with his penance and gave protection for him from Garuda. Here perumal relaxed on Ananthan . When Garuda reached this place in search of Ananthan he was not able to do anything. Pushkarani were Ananthan penanced is known as Anantha Pushkarani.

    Vagyapadha Muni penanced towards Lord Nataraja in Chidambaram to attain Moksha. Lord Nataraja asked him to pray and penance in this place. Muni did as he was guided and attained Moksha and hence the place was known as Sirupulioor.

    Soorya, Ananthan, Durvasa muni and Manavala muni worshipped lord and were blessed.
    There is a belief, if anyone with family enemity, worship Lord here they are relieved of all problems and are blessed by Lord.

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