Sangameswarar Temple, Bhavani, Erode.  

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Sangameswarar Temple / Thiru Nanaa :

The temple is situated at confluence spot of River Bhavani and River Cauvery. This is one of 275 Siva Devara sthalam. The place is about 60kms from Salem.

Here River Cauveri, River Bhavani and River Amudha join together. River Amudha flow as Antharvahini, just like Sarasvathy at Triveni Sangamam of Allahabad. The place is also known as Dakshina Triveni Sangamam.
This place is known as Padhuma Giri which is surrounded by Naga Giri, Veda giri, Sanga Giri and Mangala Giri.

It is good to have bath at Sangama Kshetram. They have provided rooms for changing wet cloths. Near the sangamam ghat there is a Aswattha tree under which Nagar is installed. This place is considered good for any type of pariharam. Rituals for ancestors are performed here. On the day we went here lot of devotees were performing rituals and pariharam.

There is a big Aswattha tree and a Siva Lingam known Koteeswarar is installed under it.

We see a small sanctum for Amirtha Lingeswrar.
Amirtha Lingeswarar is placed on an Avudai, which is mobile and it is removed and given in the hands of couple, who come here to perform pooja for sake of child. The couple should have bath in sangamam,and they carry Amritha linga in hand and go around the sanctum three times and place it back on Avudai.

Illandhai Tree is Sthala Vruksham of this temple.
The sweet fruit of illandhi from tree is offered to Lord Siva after pooja everyay. The fruit is given as prasadam for the couple who come and worship forsake of child. This fruit is consumed by ladies for fertility.

As we go further there is a separate sanctum for Sahasra Lingeswarar. Sthala purana says Ravana worshiped sahsralingeswarar here.

We see a small Gopuram leading inside the temple premises from west side.

Main Raja Gopuram is of five tiers facing North.
Here in this Kshetram we see Lord Siva, as well Perumal within the same premises.

As we enter from the main Raja Gopuram there is a sanctum for Perumal is seen to right. Main deity here is sri Adi Kesava Perumal in standing posture. There is another sanctum for Sri Venugopalan to the right side of sri Adi Kesava Perumal.

Next to Adi Kesava perumal we see seperate sanctum for Sri yoga Narashimar with Lakshmi as santha swaroopam.

Next to sri Yoga Narashimr we find Soundara Valli Thayar sannidhi.

There is small sanctum for Siddhi vinaykar.

Here the sanctum of Lord Siva, Ambal, and Subramanya is in the form of somaskandam. This is side entrance of sri sngameswarar temple.

Main sanctum of Sri Sangameswararis facing east side.
We find Dwajasthambam in front of the main dwaram of Sri Sangameswarar sanctum We find Vinayakar and Subramanian in small sannidhi, to either side of the main entrance.

Main Deity is Swayambu Lingam known as Sri Sangameswarar / Alagesan.
Thiru Gyanasambandhar Sang Hymns on Lord Sri Sangameswarar.

As we go round we see Dakshina Moorthy. This is the picture of sri sangameswara sanctum gopuram.

Subramanya Swamy is seen in separate sanctum. This sanctum is seen in between Lord Siva and Ambal Sanctums. Arunagirindhar sang Thirupugazh on Lord Subramnya of this temple.

There is a mandapam, in which where we see Stone pillar to the centre with Ganesha to a side and Cow with calf to other side which looks very attractive.

Next we come to Veda Nayaki Amman sannidhi.
Here in the main sanctum, we see Vedanayki Amman in standing posture.

There is a mandapam where, we see beautiful carvings to the pillars.

We see beautiful Carvings, to the inner ceiling hall in front of Ambal sannidhi.

Importance is during the month of February sun light falls for three days on Sri Sangameswarar, Vedanayki and Subramanian.

We see sanctum for Navagrahas.

We see separate Sanctum of Bairavar here.

There is a Separate sanctum for Saneeswarar here in this kshetram.

Sthala purana says once Kuberan was visiting places. When he was crossing this place, he saw lot of Rishi, and Muni penancing here. All animals were friendly with each other. He felt good vibration of this place and started penancing here. Lord Siva and Perumal were pleased with Kubera, and as a result swayambu Lingam came under the Sthala Vruksham.
Kubera heard a voice which said he can ask for a boon. Kubera wished the place to be known as Alagesan and the sthala should be a blessing place and fulfil the wishes of devotees. Vishnu also stayed in this place as Adi Kesava Perumal.

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