Sri Sowmya Kesava Perumal , Nagamangala, Mandya district. Karnataka.  

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After our visit to Tala Cauveri, we started our journey towards Nagamangala of Mandya district. The place Nagamangala is about 140kms from Banglore city.

Manglore - Mysore Highway.

Sugarcane crop seen while travelling from Srirangapatnam to Pandavapuram.

The route we had traveled was Madikere – SriRangapatna- Pandvapura- Nagamangala.

On our return from Nagamangla to Banglore, the route was Bellur cross- Yediur- Kunigal- Nelamangala – Bangalore.

Sri Sowmya Kesava Perumal:

Sri Sowmya Kesava perumal temple is in Nagamangala of Mandya District. The temple is about 1000 years old. The temple was constructed by Hoysala Pallegara Sri Jaya Deva Raya.
The place is known as Anantha Kshetra, Nagamangala Paniparaha Kshetra.

The main Raja Gopuramis of seven tiers. The Raja Gopuram was constructed by Vijayanagara Kings.

To the front of Raja Gopuram, we see Garuda Sthambam known as Vijaya sthambam. Purana says this was erected by Sri Ramanujar. We see Garudazhwar to one side and Hanuman as Kowbinadhari to another side. On sivarathri day
People light lot of Deepam in front of the sthambam.
We enter inside through the main Dwaram of the temple.

We see Dwajasthambam here and then enter inside Artha mandapam.

There is a Mandapam known as Bhuvaneswari Mandapam with huge pillars to four sides, and finally we come to the main sanctum of Sri Sowmya Kesava Perumal.

Main deity is Sri Sowmya Kesava Perumal in standing posture with his consort Bhoo Devi and Neela Devi. He holds Sanku to his Right upper hand and Chakkra to left upper hand, Padmam in his right lower hand and Gadha to his left lower hand. Normally we sanku in left and chakra to right hand but in this temple they are changed. This is how Kesava Moorthy holds sanku and chakra.

We see two more sanctums to either side of the main sanctum. To the left sanctum we see Lord Krishna, with his consort Rukmani and Sathyabhama.

To the right side sanctum we see Sri Lakshmi Narashimar sitting on five hooded Adi seshan.

We see two small sanctums seen for Raghu and Kethu near Lord Krishna’s Sanctum.

Coming to Bhuneswari Mandapam to the roof we see a big Sanku surrounded by 108 Sanku, in different layers which look like a heap of sanku.

We also notice Adi sesha wraped to the big main Sanku which is seen hanging like a lotus bud. Poojari says this is something unique in this temple. Adiseshan sitting on top of sanku in Mandalakra position to the roof of Bhuneswari Mandapam is the importance for Raghu and Kethu here. Poojari switches the lights on so that one can have good darshan of Mandalakaram.

The place is parihara sthalam for Naga sarpa dosha and any type of illness in Body, mind and weekness gets cured by worshiping here. This temple is parihra sthalam for Raghu and Kethu. One can even worship for sake of marriage and child.

Picture of Gopura Vimanam of Kesava perumal sanctum.

As we go around the temple we see Andal and Sowmya Nayaki in different sanctums to either sides of Main sanctum.

Narashimar is seen to back side of main sanctum, when we go around the sanctum.

We see Azwar and chakkrathazhwar in the temple.
The temple is opened from 8AM–12Noon, in the evening from 5.30–8PM.

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there is one more famous kala bhairaveshwara temple nearby which is famous for Basavanna ..Chikkarasinakere near maddur…

for details

February 18, 2012 at 1:34 PM

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