Azhagirinadhar Temple, Salem Town.  

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Azhagiri Nadhar Temple:

The temple is near Salem bus stand. It is on the banks of River Manimuttharu

Main Deity of this temple is Arulmigu Azhagiri Nadhar seen in standing posture.
His consort known as Sundaravalli Thayar is seen in Yoga Padmasan.
There is a separate sanctum for Sri Adi Venugoplan.

There is a Dwajasthambam, and Garudazwar seen in front of the main sanctum. Sundaravalli Thayar. Other deities like Chakkrathazwar, Santhana Gopalan, Hanuman and Nagar are seen in temple premises.

Purana says Hanuman worshiped Lord here to get Brahma pattam. When Sri Rama was going in search of Sita, Hanuman had a dip in the River Manimuttharu and worshiped Perumal Azhagiri Nadhar. He was stunned by beauty of Lord Azhagiri Nadhar.

When marriage alliance is fixed, both the party meet in temple and with Lord Azhagirindhar as witness they finalize here in this temple. This temple in this place is considered as “Thirumana sthalam”.

Sthala Purana: Once when Brugu Muni visited Vaikundam, he saw Lord Vishnu and Mahalakshmi together. They did not notice him, Muni in anger tried to kick Lord Vishnu. Mahalakshmi did not like his act and she left Vaikundam. Lord Vishnu wanted to bring down his ego. He asked Brugu Muni to sit and started pressing his legs, as he was doing he pressed the eye which was at the bottom of muni’s foot. The movement it happened the muni realized his mistake and asked him to pardon.

Lord Vishnu asked him to do tapas regarding Lakshmi Devi who has left the place in anger. In due course he will be blessed.

Brugu Muni came to this place Salem and started his meditation. One day he heard the cry of child under Vilva Maram. The child was alone, so he lifted the child and named the child as Sundaravalli. As she grew up Muni thought, only Lord Vishnu, can be a good match for his daughter. He prayed for Lord Vishnu to marry his daughter and bless him.
Lord Vishnu, known as Azhagirinadhar, married Soundaravalli. He told Brugu Muni that the child which was brought up by him was Lakshmi Devi. Lord Azagirinadhar and Soundaravalli Thayar blessed him together. Brugu muni requested them to stay back here in this place and bless devotees who visit this place. Hence the place is known as Thirumana Sthalam.

Couples worship Lord Santhana Gopalan under the Punnai Vruksham, to bless them with child. Persons who are waiting to get married worship Azhagirinadhar. Marriage will get finalized for person, who participate in Andaal Kalyana utsavam says purana.

Sthala purana says the temple was renovated by Pandya kings and Rajakesari Varman.

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