Melai Thirumanajcherry, Nagapatinam.  

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Melai Thirumanajcheri / Edirkolpadi temple:

The temple is about 6kms from Kuthalam. The place Kuthalam is on the way to Mailaduthurai from Kumbakonam.

This is one of 275 Siva Devara Sthalam. Sundarar sang Hymns on Iravadeeswarar of this temple.

The temple Raja Gopuram is of five tiers.

Main Deity here, in this temple is Swayambu Lingam known as Iravadeeswarar and his concert Known as Sugandha Kunthalambikai.

As we enter in side we see Dwajsthambam and Lord Ganeshais seen at the bottom.

Sthala vruksham of the temple is Utthala Maram. Purana says this vruksham is seen only in this place.

As we enter in there is a small sanctum for Lord Ganesha, and we see Balipeetam behind.

Next we seeNandi Devarin small sanctum.

Within the temple we see Subramanyar, Gaja Lakshmi, Kala Bairavar and Saneeswarar sanctums. As we go around we see Bala Ganapathy, Natrajar, Dakshina Moorthy, Ligothbavar, Brahma, Raghu, Durgai, and Ganga Visarjanar as Kostha moortams.

This is Gopuram view of main sanctum from one side.

Meenakshi Sundareswar, marriage ceremony sculptures seen to one side of the Gopuram.

To one side Guru Dakshina Moorthy, sculpture is seen on top of the gopuram.

Dakshina Moorthy sanctumseen as we go around the main sanctum.

There is a small sanctum for Saraswathy Devi.

We see Ambal Sugandha Kunthalambikai in separate sanctum. She is seen in sitting posture, known as Sukhaasana posture. Ambal deity is small in size in this temple.

Sthala purana says Iravadham worshiped Lord Siva here hence he is known as Iravadewarar. Durvasa muni, once gifted a lotus garland to Indra, which was given to him byLord Siva. Indra took the garland and placed it on his elephant Iravadham,which did not know the value of the garland, and threw it down and stamped. Muni was unable to control his anger and he cursed Indra and Iravath. Indra realised his mistake and asked him to excuse and to let him know the way to get rid of his curse.

Iravath came down to earth and worshiped Lord Siva in many temples. When it came to this place and worshiped, Iravath got rid of its curse and was blessed. Indra also worshiped Lord Siva of this place and he was blessed.

Sthala purana also says Baratha Muni who belong to Thirumananjchery, was the one who performedLord Siva and Parvathy marriage at Vaelvikudi. After the ceremony was finished he invited new couple Lord Siva and Parvathy to visit his place. Lord Siva agreed to do so. When Lord Siva and Prvathy came to this place Thirumanajcheri, Baratha muni went forward to welcome newly married couple Lord Siva and Parvathy.

So the place is known as Edirkolpadi which means going forward to welcome. Now the place is known as Melakoil.

By worshiping Lord Siva here marriages are settled. One who has lost their wealth and jobs also worship Lord Siva,and they are blessed by him like Indra who worshiped and got back his wealth and post.

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