Nimishambal temple, Kanjaam , Mysore District.  

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Nimishambal temple is about 3kms distance from Srirangapatnam bus stand. The temple is in kanjaam town of Mysore district.. The place kanjaam is on the road leading to sangam. The temple is situated on the bank of River Cauvery. Steps are laid to reach River Cauvery, for devotees to have bath in holy water.

The temple has a Raja Gopuram of seven tiers and single prakaram.

As we enter in, we see a sanctum for Goddess Nimishambal, who is decorated with jewelry and flowers. There is a Sri Chakkra seen in front of her to which pooja is performed.

There is a sanctum for Lord Siva in the form of Lingam known as Mouthekeeswarar. We see a Nandi in front of the sanctum. Goddess performed pooja for Siva Lingam here in this place. We see Kavacham is kept on Siva lingam, like Lord Siva’s face.

There is another sanctum where we see Sri Lakshmi Narayanar.

We see the temple is an example of Sanathana Dharma with Lord Vinayakar, Lord Siva, and Goddess Parvathy as Nimishambal, Lakshmi Narayanar and Sooryan.

Sthala Purrana says Muktha Rajan was ruling the place. He was a great devotee of Goddess Sakthi and the day starts for him only after his Sakthy pooja. Once anasura named Janu Sumandalan attacked Muktha Rajan and troubled everyone in his regime. The King was unable to face the Asura sakthi. So he started penance on Sakthy, who was pleased with his devotion. Goddess Sakthy destroyed the Asura in a matter of minute {Nimisha} and she was named as Nimishambal. King requests her to be present there, and bless her devotees.

There is a brass bell hanging to the ceiling is used by the priest during, Bali Bojanam offered on Bali Peetam. Unique feature is once the bell rings crows come there to partake.

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