Sri Nanjundeswarar Temple of Nanjangud, Karnataka.  

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Sri Nanjundeswarar Temple of Nanjangud, Karnataka.

Nanjangud is about 165 kms from Bangalore and about 25 kms from Mysore. The temple town Nanjangud is located on the banks of the River Kabini. Nanjangud town is located on the confluence of River Kabini/ Kapila, River Koundinya and River Manikarnika. The place is also known as Dakshina Kasi.

Sri Nanjundeswara temple is one of the ancient temples that dates back to 3rd
The original temple is referred to Ganaga period. It was later renovated by Hoysala Kings, Wodeyar Kings, Hoysalas, Cholas, and Krishnadevaraya. Hyder Ali and Tippu sultan have allotted grants for the temple.

Main Deity of the temple is Siva Lingam known as Nanjundeswarar / Sri Kanteswara and his consort known as Parvathy. Urchavar in this temple is known as Chandrashekarar.

Sthala Vruksham is Vilvam and Teertham is Mukkudal.

The main Raja Gopuram of the temple is of seven tiers. As we enter inside a big Nandi is seen. The main deity Nanjundeswarar is facing north east. Here we see the Nandi is moved towards northeast side and not in a straight line to Lord Siva.

Here in this temple Dakshyayani is seen with Veerabadharar. Normally Badrakali is seen with Veerabadrarar in temples.

The reason for this is Dakshan performed a Yagam in which he refused to give Aahuthi for Lord Siva. Dakshyayani jumped into the Yagna kundam to stop the Yagam. Lord Siva was annoyed and his anger took the form of Veerabadrar, who went to stop the Yagam. Veeerabadrar destroyed the Yagam and removed the head of Dakshan. Even after this his anger did not minimize, He lifted Dakshyayani body to his shoulder and performed Rudhra Thandavam. Dakshan’s wife Prasuddha Devi requested Lord Siva to forgive Dakshan. She requested him to give life to both Dakshan and her daughter Dakshyayani. Lord Siva was pleased with her and he gave life to Dakshan and blessed both of the along with Dakshyayani.

Sthala Purana says Asura named Kesi was troubling Devas. So they requested Lord Siva to help them. Kesi is full form of poison. Lord Siva asked Devas to perform yagnam at the place where these Rivers Kapila, River Koundinya and River Manikarnika confluence. Lord said, when Kesi comes there to trouble them; they should try to throw him in Yaga Kundam. Devas did as they were told,Lord Siva was in the form of Agni in Yaga Kundam and destroyed Kesi. Devas were pleased and requested Lord Siva to stay back in that place for sake of “ lokakalyanam.” Asura Kesi being the form of poison {Nanju} was destroyed by Lord Siva. When Lord Siva appeared there as Swayambu Linga Moorthy, he was known as Nanjundeswarar.

There is another version which says when Jamadagni muni asked Parasuramar to cut his mother Renuka Devi’s head. Parasuramar did as his father told him. To get rid of the dosha acquired by him in cutting his mother’s head, he was advised to erect Siva Lingam and worship. When he was in the place Nanjankud he wanted to install a Siva Lingam to worship. He started clearing the bushes in the area and his axe hit on something in the bush and blood started oozing. He saw a Siva Lingam there. He was worried of his act, and wanted to sacrifice his life. Lord Siva appeared and blessed him. He built a temple there and worshiped Lord Siva. There is a cut in the Siva Lingam here.

Lord Nanjundeswara is also known as “Vaidya Nanjundeswara” who is a healer for his devotees who have faith in Him.

There is a story related to call him so. Once Tippu Sultan’s elephant lost eye sight, he worshiped Lord Nanjundeswara with firm faith. The elephant recovered eye sight and Nanjundeswara was addressed as “Hakim Najundeswara” by Tippu Sultan. Hakim means Doctor. He donated an Emerald Siva Lingam for the temple.

As we go around the prakarm sanctum for other deities seen here are Narayanar, Chandikeswarar, Nandi, and Nruthya Ganapathy, Nayanmars and Sahasra Lingam. To one side of the prakaram we see on a platform, stone idols Lord Siva in different forms, emerald Siva Lingam, Nagaraja with Subramanyar in the centre, Chandikeswarar in standing posture, and Navagraha's are arranged in line. We see Yoga Dakshina Moorthy with his disciple and Nandi is also present there which is something rare.

This is a Picture of one of the temple Charriot. We saw many charriots in the ground, outside the temple.

This is one of the temples which I liked very much and I wish everyone visit the temple to appreciate the beautiful idols seen in the temple. It is not that easy to express in words one has to enjoy the moment when they visit in person.

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I'm Proud to say that this is my home town..!!

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