Thirumalai Vaiyavoor Temple.  

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Thirumalai Vaiyavoor:

The place is about 70 kms from Chennai and about 18 kms from Chengalpet. Buses for Vedanthaangal, from Chengalpet and Chennai pass through this place Thirumalai Vaiyavoore.

The temple is on a small hill. The place is also known as Dakshina Seshagiri.

Main deity is Varaahar. We see sanctum of Venkatesa perumal and Jaya Veera Anjaneyar. There is a separate sanctum for Alarmelmangai Thayar.

Teertham here is Varaha Pushkarani.

Purana says Asura king Hirnyakshan was troubling everyone and once he took the Bhoomandalam to Padala Lokha. Bhoodevi felt uneasy to breathe, and she worshiped Perumaal to help “Her”. Perumal took an Avathara of Varaaha and drowned, in the ocean to pierce till Padala lokham in search of Bhoodevi.

He killed Hiranyakshan and lifted the Bhoolokam with his Korai tooth from Padala Lokha and placed it in its original place. Bhoodevi felt happy and the Bhoomandalam flourished with blessings of perumal.

He returned to Paarkadal as Varaahar, where he was greeted by Devas. He turned back once, towards Bhoolokam and he was impressed and wanted to stay there. Perumaal conveyed his wish to Garuda, who took a garland and placed it on earth. Perumal stayed in that place has Varaaha Perumal and gave darshan for Garuda. The place came to be known as Vaikunda giri.

Pillar sculpture in the temple.

Adiseshan is bed for for Perumal to relax, so Perumaal wanted Adiseshan to join Him.
Adiseshan took the form of hill and the place was known as Dakshina Seshagiri.
Perumaal is residing here as Venkatavan to fulfil the wish of Adiseshan.

King Tondaimaan was ardent devotee of Perumaal. Once when king was worshiping Perumaal, enemy king sent a message of war against him. King Thondaiman was unable to take action immediately; he prayed to Perumaal to help him in this situation. Venkatavan wanted to help his devotee Thondaimaan. Sanku and Chakkra were sent by Lord to fight, against enemies, who left the battlefield in defeat. Thondaimaan Chakravarthyconstructed temple for Thiru Venkatavan in this place. Thondiman had darshan of Thiru Venkatavan and then onwards Lord was known as Prasanna Venkatesa perumaal.

When Hanuman was flying with Sanjeeve parvatham, he visited this place and he wanted to worship Venkatavan. His two hands were engaged, with his Gadha in a hand and Sanjeevi Parvatham in other hand. He threw them both high in the air and worshiped Venkatavan,and caught hold of them, while falling. The place was known as Malai Vaiypuri. Lakshmi Devi is also residing with Thirumaal hence it was named as Thirumalai Vaiyapuri. There is a separate sanctum for Jaya Veera Hanuman.

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Dear Madam

My sincere thanks to you for posting this blog on Sri Alarmel mangai thayar sametha sri prasanna venkatesa perumal who is our "KULKA DHEIVAM". You have provided valuable info about this sacred place which we never knew though we spent most of our lifetime near this place.I came to know about Sri VARAHAR's importance in this HILL and also Lord Anjaneyar's worship. I would like to place on record that SRI PRASANNA VENKATESAN has been the purpose of my life and has been hand holding our family during periods of turmoil HE IS THERE GUARDING EVERY MOMENT THIS IS SATHIYAM. But as a very lesser mortal I have failed to live up to HIS expectations and not fulfilled any of the promises to HIM which i feel as Abacharam to Kula dheivam . In your next blog please let me know the pariharam to such an abacharam. My eyes are filled with tears and Athma suddhi has been realised after seeing the SACRED PHOTO OF THE HILL . Thank you for the blog and keep continuiing the good work. May GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY.

January 20, 2013 at 8:25 AM

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