Vallakottai Murugan Temple. Kancheepuram District.  

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Vallakottai Murugan Temple:

The temple is in Kancheepuram district. The place is about 20kms west of Singaperumal koil, on Chennai – Vizhupuram National High way.

This is a very old temple of more than 1000years constructed by King Bageerathan, who was ruling Sankondpuram of Ilanji Kingdom.

The temple has main Raja Gopuram of five tiers with a big mandapam to front.

As we enter inside through the main door, we find a big Dwajasthambam

Main deity is Arulmigu Subramanya Swamy with Valli & Devasena. Arunagirinadhar sang Tirupugazh on Lord Murugan of this temple.

Here, the pushkarani of the temple is known as Vajra Teertham and Sthala Vruksham is Padiri tree.

Indara wanted to worship Lord Murugan. He approached his Guru Brahaspathyto guide him. Indra was asked to worship Lord Subramanya of Vallakottai by his Guru. Indra came to this place and he used his weapon Vajra to make a pond. He used the water from the pushkarani to worship Lord Subramanya. Hence the pushkarani is known as Indra Teertham and Vajra teertham.

There was a fort in which there was an Asura named Vallan. He was giving lot of trouble to Devas, who prayed to Lord Subramanya to help them. Lord Murugan killed the Asura. To fulfill the wish of Asura, Lord Murugan named the place as Vallan Kottai, which became Vallakottai over a period.

Sthala Purana says King Bageeratha was ruling Sankondapuram of Illanji Kingdom. Once when Sage Naradha visited his place he ignored him out of pride. Sage Naradha wanted to teach him a lesson. When he left the place he met asura named Koran who was celebrating his victory. Sage thought he can use Koran to teach a lesson for King Bageerathan. He addressed Koran and said your victory is nothing unless you defeat King Bageeratha. Koran waged war against Bageerathan King of Illangi. It was least expected, and Bageeradhan lost the battle and left the kingdom.

In the forest he met Sage Naradha, and begged for pardon. He asked him to guide, to get back his kingdom again. Sage Naradha asked him to meet Sage Durvasa and proceed according to his guidance. Sage Durvasa asked him to worship Lord Subramanya under the Padiri Tree on Fridays and get the blessing of Lord Murugan. King did as he was asked and he was blessed. King Bageeradha constructed a temple for Lord Subramanya in this place and the padiri tree is sthala Vruksham of the temple.

Arunagirinadhar was on visit to Murugan temples. After his visit to Thiru Porur he wanted to proceed to Thiruthani and rested for the night. In his dream Lord Subrananya said you have missed Vallakottai Murugan. Next day Arunagirinadhar visited Vallakotai Murugan and sang Thirupugazh on Lord Subramanya.

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Must say very informative and you are doing good work, so that this generation will get connected with our ancient temples which are rich in sculpture

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Interesting article. Thanks for the information.

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