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Manakula Vinayakar temple of Puducherry.

We see a mandapam in front of the temple with sign board.

Main entrance of Vinayakar temple.

Main Deity of the temple is Vinayakar.

One side of hall where we see photos related to Ganesha is hanged to wall.

Sthala Vruksham is Vilwam and teertham is Well.

Importance of the temple is Vinayakar is rested on a peetam above the well. There is a small pit runs towards the left side which is full of water always. Here marriage festival is performed for Vinayakar. The Gopuram of main sanctum is of gold covering. We see Nardhana Vinayakar here. This is only Vinayakar temple with Palliari. (Retiring room) Vinayar idol that is taken inside the room has only feet portion.

A Siddhar named Tholaikasu Siddhar was devotee of this Vinayakar temple.

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I always visit temples when on holiday in India... and totally love the architecture..

Sometimes Im super impressed how the south Indian temples are so different from the north Indian ones..

Im so glad.. Sudha introduced me to you today.. I have so much more to learn.. and all these places to visit and pray at!!

July 25, 2012 at 9:08 AM

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