Arulmigu Narashimar Temple: Singiri kudi / Abishekapakkam, Cuddalore district  

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Arulmigu Narashimar Temple: Singiri kudi / Abisheygapakkam, Cuddalore district .

The temple is about 16 kms from Cuddalore to Puducherry route.

The main Raja Gopuram of the temple is of five tiers.

We see Dwajasthambam as we enter into the temple.

Main Deity is huge Ugra Narashimar with sixteen hands facing west. He is holding weapons like Prayoga Chakkram, Sword known as ksheerika; Conch, Discuss, Armour, Bow and Arrow in his hands, and rest of his hand are used for samharm of Hirnyakasyub. To the left of Narashimar we see Hiranya kasayap wife Neelavathi. Prahaladha, Sukra and sage Vashista are also seen in the main sanctum.
To the right side in main sanctum, we see small yoga Narashimar and Bala Narashimar also. Three Narashimar gracing in single sanctum is something unique in this Singiri temple.

Kanakavalli Thayar in seen in separate sanctum.

Here Urchavar known as Prahala Varadhan, is seen with his consorts Sridevi and Bhoodevi.

Sthala Vruksham is Vilvam. There are five pushkarani for he temple They are Jamadagni, Indra, Brugu, Vamana and Garuda Teertham

Other deties seen in the temple as we go around the prkaram are Garuda, Ramar, 12 Azwars, Manavala Ma Munigal, Vishvaksenar, and Vishnu Durgai.

There is a separate sanctum for Anjaneyar.

Here we see Brindavanam for 4th jeeyar Swamigal of Ahobalam.

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