Kolanji Appar Temple. Manvala Nallore, Vrudhachalam. Cuddlore Dt.  

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Kolanji Appar Temple.  

The place Manavala Nallore is about 2 kms from Vrudhachalam and about 25 kms from Chidambaram.

Main arch of Kolanji appar Temple.

Main Gopuram of Kolanji appar Temple.

Main Deity Kolanji Appar is Swayambu Murthy having no form. We see 3 feet Bali Peetam in the sanctum as presiding Deity. Here below the Bali Peetam, we see a Chakkra carved in stone with Satakshara Mantra of Lord Murugan. All Abishekam and Pooja is performed to the Bali Peetam

Sthala Vruksham is Kolanji tree, and River Manimuthaaru

Lord Vinyakar, seen under the Banian Tree.

In the Maha Mandapam we see two separate sanctums with different Vimanam, for Lord Vinayakar and Kolanji Appar facing east.  Other Deities seen in the temple are we see Muniappar adjacent to the mandapam. As we go around the temple we see separate shrines for Idumban and Kadamban behind the temple. Veeranar is seen near the mandapam facing east.

Devotees who come here write their wishes or grievances in a paper and address it to Manavla Nallore kolanji appar and deliver it to priest to place it near the feet of Lord. This is known as Pradhu Kattudhal in Tamil. It should contain all details of the devotee and the purpose of their prayer should be clearly mentioned.

Priest will do pooja and hand over the slip along with Vibuthi. This slip should be tied to the Vel in front of Muniappa shrine. It is believed the wishes are fulfilled within 90days.

Sthala Purana: 

When Sundarar visited Vrudhachalam he did not sing the glory of Lord Siva in this place. He left the place after normal worship. Lord Siva and Goddess wanted to hear songs from Sundarar. Lord Murugan approached Sundarar as a hunter and took away all his belongings. When Sundarar asked him to give back his things, Lord Murugan asked Sundarar to return back to Vrudachalam. Now Sundarar realized it was Lord Siva's Leela and he returned back to Vrudhachalam and sang Hymns on Lord Siva and got back his belongings.

It is the hunter Murugan who graced Sundarar, is the Swayambu Murthy residing here as Kolanjiappar near Vrudchalam.

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