Cheyyur Kandaswamy Temple.  

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Cheyyur: Lord Murugan / Kandaswamy.

The place is about 25 kms south of Maduranthagm. The place is known as Jayam Konda Nallore, Valava puri, and Veera Rajendra puram also.

The temple has two prakaram.

Main Deity is Arumugan seen in standing posture with his conserts Valli and Devaani.
He is also known as Kandha Swamy.

To SW corner, we see the sanctum of Muthu Kumara Swamy also known as Samhara Murthy.

To the south side we see Urchava Mandapam. Here, Sri. Somanadha Swami is seen with his concert Goddess Meenakshi Ammai.

Water from the Chetti kulam pushkarani is used for the Abishekam of Deities presiding in the temple.

Other Deities seen in the prakaram are Chandeeswarar, Vinayakar, Kailasa Nadhar, Sivanandha Valli, Brahma Vishnu, Veerabagu Devar, Dhandapani, Chandra Devar and BalaNayakar.

Sculptures seen to the wall

Here in this temple unique feature is, we see to the inner side of compound wall, 27 Boodha Gana Vedalam with their hands lifted up, representing 27 Nakshtram worshiping Lord Murugan.

Here special pooja is performed on day of Ashtami Thithi which comes after full-moon day. This day is considered important for Bairavar worship. Bairavar is the only person who can control Vedalam

There is a belief among people residing in that region, by worshipping Lord Bairavar on Ashtami Thithi; their wishes are conveyed by Lord Bairavar to Lord Arumugan. There wishes are fulfilled by Lord Arumugan.

We see Nava Vinayakar worshipped by Navagrahas outside the temple.

Arunagiri Nadhar sang Thirupugazh on Lord Murugan. 

There are other Books which convey about the greatness `of Arumughan are Cheyur Murugan Pillai Thamizh, Cheyur Kalpagam, Cheyur Murugan Ulaa, and Cheyur Murugan Pdhiga kovai.

In this place there is a temple for Lord Siva Known as Puttridang Kondaar Temple and Kariya Mannikakam Perumal Temple

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