Arulmigu Bhoovaraha Swamy Temple of Sri Mushnam, Cuddlore.  

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Sri Mushnam: Arulmigu Bhoovaraha Swamy Temple.

The place is about 21 kms to SE, from Vrudachalam. This kshetram is one of eight Swayam vektha Kshetram. The other Swayam vektha Kshetram are Sri Rangam, Vanamamalai, Tirupathy, Salagramam, Pushkaram, Naimisaranyam and Badrikasramam.

The main Raja gopuram of the temple is of seven storeys with three prakarams.

Main entrance of the temple.

As we enter the temple we see Garudakambam, and there is a small sanctum for Garudazwar.

Sthala Vruksham of the temple is Bodhi tree also known as Aswatha maram.

Teertham is Nithya Pushkarani, Sri Varaha teertham and Lakshmi Narayana Teertham.

Main deity is Sri Bhoovaraha Swamy of Saligrama stone, is seen in standing posture facing west and his head turned towards South. Ambujavalli Thayar is seen in separate sanctum. Urchavar, of this temple is known as Yagna Varaha Moorthy seen with Sridevi and Bhoodevi Thayar in Artha mandapam of the temple.

Vimanam under which Bhoovaraha Swamy resides is known as Bhavana Vimanam.

As we go around the prakaram we see Viswaksenar, Andal, Udayavar, Venugopalan, Kuzandai Amman, Vedanta Desikar, Thrumangai Azwar, Manavala ma munigal.
Thiru Kachhinambi Nammazwar is seen in separate sanctums.

Sthala Purana says when the earth was stolen by Hiranyasura; Lord Vishnu took the avatara as Varahar and killed the Asura. The earth was once again installed on the hood of Adiseshan.
Bodhi Tree / Aswatha tree and Tulsi were created from His two eyes and the sweat turned into Nithya Pushkarani.

Bhoodevi, sambaran, and Lord Krishna worshiped Bhoovaraha Perumaal.

After his mission was completed he stayed back in this place known as Sri Mushnam as Bhoovaraha moorthy to grace his devotees.

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