Pennagatam, Pralayakaleswarar Temple, Cuddlore  

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Pennagatam: Pralayakaleswarar Temple

The temple is about 15 kms east of Thittakudi. This is one of Nadu Nadu Devara sthalams.

The Raja Gopuram of the temple is of five tiers and prakaram.

Dwajastham of the temple.

Main deity is Swayambu Lingam known as Pralayakaleswarar / Sudarkozhndu Nayakar and his consort known as Kadandhi Nayaki.

Sthala Vruksham is Sanbagam and Teertham is Vellaru, Indra Teertham and Kailaya Teertham.

Lord Siva of this place was worshiped by Deva kanniyar (Penn), Kamadenu (AA) and White Elephant (Gadam) hence the place is known as Pennaagadam. The temple is also known as Thoonganay madam

Temple Vimanam is known as Gajaprushta Vimanam. to north side of main sanctum there is another sanctum with separate gopuram on higher level. We find steps to climb, where we see Lord Siva, who is known as Soundareswarar.

This is like a temple above another temple.

Gopura Vimanam of the inner sanctum

Purana says a Chola King had to worship Lord from the other bank of the River due to floods. Lord was pleased and he raised the ground level as an acknowledgement for King’s prayers. This is the reason for a temple above another temple.

Murugan sanndhi picture, from top of the temple.

Murugan sanctum, in the temple.

Sthala puranam says during the time ofPralayamall places submerged under water. Then, Devas worshiped Lord Siva to protect universe. Lord Siva directed Nandi to stop the pralayam (flood), so Nandi turned towards the entrance, to stop the flood and diverted it and protected the place. Originally Nandi was facing Lord Siva which turned back to stop the flood and from then Nandi is facing the entrance.

Kalikamba Nayanar was born in this place. He was a great devotee of Lord Siva. Kalikamba Nayanar with his wife used to do pada pooja for Shiva Devotees. One day the servant of Kalikamba Nayanar visited his place as Shiva Devotee, knowing this his wife refused to do pada pooja for him. Kalikamba Nayanar lost his temper and cut his wife’s hand for her refusal to do pada pooja. Lord restored her hand and Kalikamba Nayanar attained Mukthi in this place. It was the birth place of Achudha kalappar who is the father of Meykanda Devar.

This was the place where, Thirunavukarasar got the Trisul and Rishba seal stamped on his body by Lord himself. Thirunavukarasar sang Hymns on Lord Siva here.

Stone inscriptions of Chola and Vijayanagara Kings regime are seen in the temple.

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