Keezha Pazhuvoore: Arulmigu Vadamoola Nadhar Temple, Perambaloore Dt.  

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Keezha Pazhuvoore: Arulmigu Vadamoola Nadhar Temple.

This place Thirupazhuvoore is about 10 kms to south of Ariyaloore on the south bank of River Marudhudayaar. The place is also known as Yoga Vanam.
This is one of the 275 Devara sthalams.

The Main Raja Gopuram is of five tiers and two prakaram in the temple.

We see Dwajasthambam as we enter inside.

Teertham is known as Brama Teertham in the front of the temple. Sthala Vruksham is Banayan Tree.

Main Deity is Swayambu Lingam known as Arulmigu Vadamoola Nadhar / Aalanthurayaar and his consort known as Arunthava Nayaki Amman in separate shrine. Here the Lingam represents Prithivi. Sambarani thailam is applied on Siva Lingam. The lingam is too small, so a cup is placed upside down and abishekam is done on this only.

Goddess penanced and performed yoga hence the place is known as Yoga Vanam. We see Goddess in yoga posture here in the temple.

Other deities seen in the temple as we go around the prakaram are Kamala Ganapathy, Murugan, Pancha Boodha Lingams, Mahalakshmi, 63 Nayanmars, Lingothbavar, Durgai, Chandeeswarar, Saptha Kanniyar and Navagraham.

Sthala Purana says Once Goddess Parvathy closed the eyes of Lord Siva due to which the complete universe came to a stand still. Sooryan and Chandran are considered as the two eyes of Lord Siva. Lord says to Goddess Parvathy if any act which troubles others is punishable. To get rid of the dosha for her act,Goddess Parvathy was asked to go down to earth. Lord asks her to penance in different places and finally reach Yoga Vanam and stay there penancing till he joins her.

Goddess Parvathy penanced in many places and she finally came to Yoga Vanam where she made a Siva Lingam with the mud of Valmeekam and worshiped Lord Siva. She penanced here standing on single leg. Lord Siva was pleased with her penance and blessed her by joining with her. This Yoga Vanam is the place now known as Keezha Pazhuvoore.

Brahaman, Thirumaal, Indran, Pandavar, Agasthiyar, Chandran, Poororavan, Vasishtar, Sadanandar, Kanvar, And Vyasar worshiped Lord Siva here and were blessed by Him.
Parasuramar worshiped Lord Siva here to get rid of his dosha for killing his mother. Here Vinayakar is seen in dancing posture.

Thiru Gyana Sambandhar sang Hymns on Lord Siva of this place. Arunagirinadhar sang Thirupugazh on Lord Murugan of this Temple.

Stone inscriptions are found in the temple. The temple was constructed by stones during the period of first Parandakan Cholan.

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