Thiru Vedikudi, Vedapureeswarar Temple. Tanjore  

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Thiru Vedikudi Temple: Lord Vedapureeswarar..

The place Thiru Vedikudi is about 7kms North to Tanjore on the banks of River Vettaru. This temple is one of the Devara sthalam. This temple is one of the Ezhoor temples visited by Lord Iyarappar of Thiruvaiaru, in the Tamil month of Chiittarai (April/ May).

The temple has Raja gopuram of three storey, and single prakaram.

Sthala Vruksham is Vilvam and Teertham is Veida teertham.

Main Deity is Swayambu Lingam known as Arulmigu Vedapureeswarar and his consort known as Mangayarkarasi Amman. Sun rays falls on 13,14 and 15 of tamil month Panguni (March/ April).

As we go round the prakaram deities seen in the temple are Sevi Saaitha Vinayakar, 108 Siva Lingam, Dakshina Moorthy, Ardhanareeswarar, Durgai, Murugan, Mahalakshmi, Natarajar, Lakshmi Narayanar and Hanuman is seen at the feet of Him, Saptha Sthana Lingams.

Lord Brahma worshiped Lord Siva here hence the name Vedikudi for the place. Vedas worshiped Lord Siva here and were blessed. Vinayakar enjoys listening to chanting of Vedas; hence he is known as Sevi Saaitha Vinayakar / Veda Vinayakar. The temple Vimanama construction is of stones. Nandi is seen to four sides of Temple Vimanam, represting four Vedas. Ardhanareeswarar form here is unusual in this temple. Here Ambal is seen to the right side of Ardhanareeswarar who is seen as Koshta Deivam at the back of main sanctum.

Sthala purana says once Vedas were taken away from Brahma by the Asuras and it was hidden under the ocean. The Vedas were brought back by Lord Narayanar. Vedas worshiped Lord Siva to get rid of their Dosha of being with Asura. The Vedas were blessed by Lord Siva. On request of Vedas Lord Siva stayed back in this place as Vedapureeswarar.

Thiru Navukkarasar and Thiru Gyana Sambandhar sang Hymns on Lord Siva here. Arunagirinadhar sang Thirupugazh on Lord Murugan of this temple.

Stone inscriptions of Rajakesri Varman and Koparakesari Varman period are seen in the temple they say the Lord is known as Thiru Vedikudi Mahadevar and Para kesari Chaturvedi mangala Mahadevar.

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