Avudayar Temple, Thiruperunthurai, Pudhukottai.  

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  1. Avudayar temple:

    The temple is 14 kms from Aranthangi of Pudhukottai District and dates back to 8th century AD.

    Interesting facts about the temple…

    * Although the main deity is Athmanadhar and Sivalokanayaki Amman, there is just a platform,{avudayar} in the main sanctum.

    * Another interesting fact about this temple is that, there is no Dwajasthambam, Nandhi and Chandikeswarar, which are common in any other regular temple. There is a small pot like thing on the Avudayar which appears like a Linga.

    * At the back of Avudayar we see 27 stars in the form of light. After the pooja, offering of Rice and Bittergourd is placed the on the small platform in the front inside the sanctum, and the steam from it is the offering for God.

    * Goddess Sivalokanayaki is seen in separate sanctum. Here again, in this sanctum we see avudyar with paadam on it. We can have a darshan from outside through small ventilators in the wall.

    * It is said that Lord Siva took the place of a Guru and preached Panchakshara manthra to Vadhavoorar in this temple. He has been known as Manikkavachakar, ever since. He also attained his mukthi at this place.

    * As we enter the temple, we see Manikkavachakar idol placed to left in small, slightly raised sanctum. We need to follow a particular sequence for worship in this temple. We pray to Manikkavachakar first, then main deity and finally we come to Manikkavachakar sanctum again. As we go around, we see Vinayakar, Veerabadharar, Natarajar, and Subramanyar.

    Story Behind Construction of this Temple.

    King Arimardhana Pandian asked his minister Thirvadhavoorar to buy Arabian horses and gave him money. He reached a place called Perunthurai to buy horses. (There is a dock and hence the place is known as Perunthurai.) There was a veda patasala in this place and ThirVadhavoorar was impressed by the guru and the way they were reciting Vedas. He forgot his mission. He felt that the God himself was like a Guru in this place. He started clearing his doubts about many things. He felt God is nothing but some power which is (omnipresent) everywhere, and not bound by time or kaala. Vadhavoorar asked the means to reach god? Guru did not reply to his question.

    One has to search, and feel the presence of eternal power. One day when he saw the Guru he saw the Aura behind him. He felt the Aura like thing that appears is the Almighty. He utilized the money (with which he was supposed to buy horses) to construct the temple.

    Initially, only a platform like thing was built and offering of rice was kept on the platform. The steam was considered as God (Siva) for him. It is the same platform which still present inside the sanctum and the same rituals are still followed. In the later years, Pandaya kings extended the temple with beautiful sculptures and pillars. The pillar sculptures reflect the richness, clothing style, ornaments and culture of those days.

    Important aspects about the temple

    * Teertham is Brahama narayana teertham.

    * Sthala vruksham is Kurutha maram. Sthala purana says by applying mud near the sthala vruksham leprosy can be cured.

    * Manikkavachakar sang hymns on the Lord Siva of this place.

    * Arunagirinadhar sang on Lord Murugan here.

    * This is the same place where Thiruvachakam was sung by
    Manikkavachakar. This is considered as 8th Thirumurai in saiva madham

    * There is carving of a monkey and udumbu to the top of the shelter which means our mind is a monkey and it should be controlled. Our thought about god should be firm like the grip of udumbu. We see many sculptures which convey some meaning, one can visit, feel and enjoy all this only in person

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