Thiru Meyyam Vishnu and Siva temples, Pudhukottai district.  

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  1. Thiru Meyyam:

    This is a cave temple about 20 kms from Pudhukottai.
    This temple is one of 108 Divya Desam.

    Pudhukottai District is the only district where we find lot of cave temples in Asia. All the temples were mostly to pallava regime. Here we find temple for Lord Vishnu and a temple for Lord Siva also in the same mountain in two different caves. Here the mountain itself is considered as Vishnu and Siva, which is one more example for Siva and Vishnu are one and the same.

    The temple was built by Narashima Pallavan. The temple is older than Sri Rangam temple and hence it is known as Adi Rangam.

    Main deity is Sathyagiri nadhan in standing posture, and his consort Senbagavalli or Uyavandha Nachiayar. Utsavar is known as Meyappar.

    Jack fruit tree is sthala vruksham of the temple. As we go around, we see Chakkratzwar, Andal, Krishna, Lakshmi, and Narashimar sanctums.

    Inside the cave here we see Anantha sayanam of Vishnu Moorthy, carved to the mountain rock. Here we find Perumal in relaxing posture which is about 30’ length and this is supposed to be the lengthier idol in Asia.

    He is relaxing on 5 headed snake known as Adiseshan, and at the back to the rock we see Garuda, Chitrguptan, Markandeyar, Brahma, Devas, Rishi, Kinnaras, and rakshasas Madhu, kaitabar. Bhooma devi is seen sitting under the leg, Lakshmi Devi on his chest with his left hand holding her close to him, and the right hand on Adiseshan in the form of patting him.

    Purana says Madhu, Kaitabar came to attack Vishnu, Bhoodevi and Sridevi were afraid of asuras and we see Bhoodevi hiding under his leg and Sridevi to the chest. Adiseshan in anger spelled out poison air and defeated them. This incidence is also carved beautifully in the cave temple.

  2. Sathyagereeswarar temple, Thiru Meyyam.

    Lord Siva temple was built by Mahendara Varma Pallavan.

    This was the first cave temple he built immediately after his change from Jainism to Hinduism. Main deity here is Sathyagirieswarar and his consort Sri Veuvaneswari.

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