Thiru Gokarnam of Pudhukottai and Ettiyathali temple.  

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  1. Thiru Gokarnam:

    The place Thiru Gokarnam is in Pudhukottai, which is 57 kms from Trichy.

    This is cave temple. The temple was built by Mahendra Pallavan which was later improved. It’s a big temple with a long corridor and the sanctums are in different levels. we see beautiful sculpture to pillar in the corridor. It was something different from normal temples.

    There are two Siva lingams installed by Kapila Muni and chandran.

    Main deity here is Gokarnaeswarar and his consort Bragadambal. We find another deity known as Magizhavanayser and Amman Mangalambikai.

    Inside the temple we see Vinayakar, Kasi lingam, Veerabadhrar, Sapthamadhar, saptha Lingam, Brahaman, and Bairavar. We see Mangala teertham near Amman sannidhi.

    We have to climb few steps to reach Subramanyar sanctum. Here we get darshan of Durga, Lakshmi, Saraswthy and Pazani Andavar.

    As per Purana, once Brahma was thinking he was the supreme power. Lord Siva was not happy about his thought and he disqualified Brahma from his work creation. This led to lot of confusion, and Brahma realized his mistake and he requested Lord Siva to resque him.

    Lord Siva asked him to do meditation at Thiru Gokarnam and get back his power of creation. Goddess Sridevi and Bhoodevi also worshipped Siva of this place.

  2. Ettiathali:

    This village is about 8kms from Aranthangi of Pudhukottai district. The temple dates back to some 2000 years.

    Lord Siva of this place was worshipped by Agasthaya muni.
    Main deity is Swayambu Lingam known as Agastheeswarar and his consort Akilandeswari.

    Purana says once Agasthyar was traveling from kasi to Rameswaram, he had to perform his daily rituals so he stopped at this place, to do his Siva pooja. There is a pushkarani near by. He performed pooja and he had to stay back for the night in the temple.

    At the same time King Kalingarayan was there with his force in the same village in a matt. As per his fate he was in the grip of Ashtama sani period and he performed pooja at Rameswaram, and Lord Sani pooja at Thirunallaru as per guidance of his jyothish.

    On his way back as it was night he stayed in this village for that day. King and Agasthya muni when they met here, to get rid of Lord Sani’s grip on him, King was asked to built a temple for the Siva lingam, in this place. He asked him to install Navagrahas. Here Sani is placed visible to Agastheeswarar from inside to NE direction.

    Another unique thing is Ragu and Kethu are exchanged there place unlike the normal trend.

    We see Goddess Akilandeeswari in a sanctum near the main Deity Agastheeswarar, and the Goddess Akila near the Navagraha.

    Purana says Lord Siva had Kalathra dosha and when Agasthya muni worshipped Lord Siva, he was out of the dosha. So, Muni installed Goddess Akilandeswari near the main sanctum. Goddess Akila, known as Navagraha Nayaki is near the Navagraha, so the grahas are considered powerful.

    As per purana Kalathra dosham and Sani dosham can be rectified by worshipping Lord Agastheeswarar of this place.

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