Karivalam vandha Nallore, and Sankaran Koil temple,  

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  1. Karivalam vandha Nallore:

    This place is about 11 kms distance from Sankaran Koil.

    Main deity of the temple is Swayambu lingam known as Palvanna nadhar and his Consort Oppanay Ammai.

    Kalamaram is the sthala vruksham of this place. Teertham of the temple is known as Sukra teertham.

    An elephant (kari) worshipped Lord Siva of this place and hence the name Karivalam vandhanallore. Vilva maram of this place has 5 leaves together instead of 3 which is normal.

    Purana says Indra took birth as Kari mannan (King) due to the curse of Thakkan. One day when he went for hunting he saw a Siva lingam under the Kala maram. He put a fence for the Siva Lingam and returned back.

    Next day when he went there he saw the fence was disturbed and removed. King thought may be some animal has done it and again he put a fence for the Siva lingam. Next day when he went there, he saw once again fence was disturbed.

    That day he decided to stay back to see who is doing that work. In the mid night he saw an elephant removing the fence; king controlled his anger and watched what was going to happen next. He saw the elephant going around the Siva Lingam. He was surprised to see this.

    Again he made a fence which was disturbed again. One day finally he lost his temper and aimed at elephant at this time Lord Siva along with Parvathy, appeared and blessed both the elephant and the King.

    Sukra worshipped Lord Siva and for him he appeared in milky white and hence the name Palvanna Nadhar and the teertham is known as Sukra teertham.

  2. Sankaran Koil:

    This place is about 51 kms from Thirunelveli. The temple is big one with 3 prakarams. We have three different main sanctums for Sankara lingam, Sankara Narayanar, and Gomathy Amman.

    The Sankara Narayanar temple is in-between Sankara Lingam sanctum and Gomathy Amman Santum. Hence the place is known as Sankaran Koil.

    Punga tree is temples sthalam vruksham and there are 5 teertham here. They are Agni, Agasthya, Surya, Gowri and vairava teertham.

    Purana says the Nagar, Sankan and Padhuman who are devotees of Lord Siva and Narayanar had discussion about which Lord is superior. Guru Bhagawan asked them to penance here to know the result of their discussion.

    Parvathy wanted Lord Siva to show the mankind that they are one and the same. Lord Siva asked Parvathy to do penance under punga tree so that he can show his form of Sankara Narayanar.

    Parvathy penenced here under the punga tree and Siva showed his form of Sankara- Narayanar and stayed back to bless mankind. Parvathy requested Siva to be back in normal form, so he appeared as swayambu lingam from the Puttru (ant hill) which is known as Vanmeegam and he was known as Vanmeega Nadhar.

    We see a big puttru in the temple. The belief is mud of the putru cures any type of ailment; it is used as medicine externally and internal also. The mud is the main prasadam of this temple.

    As we go around the sanctums, the other deities we see in the temple are Vinayakar, Subramanayar, Kasi Viswanadhar, Parasakthi, Arumugar, Durgai, Bairavar, Navagraha and 63 Nayanmars as we go around the sanctums

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