Temples of Twin city, RP Road, Secunderabaad.  

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These are few temples about 3 kms from Secunderabad station. Most of the temples are more than 200 years old.

  1. Sri Venkatesa perumal Temple:

    The temple is located at Shivaji Nagar; near pass port office on the main road we find the main arch of the temple to right side of the road.

    Main Raja gopuram as we enter, Radha krishnar is seen in a small sanctum to left. There is only one prakaram for the temple.

    Inside the sanctum we see Venkatesa perumal and urchava vigraham to front. Garuda is seen in front of perumal to the opposite end of the mandapam.

    As we go round the temple we see Padmavathy Thayar in a small separate sanctum. There are beautiful paintings of Ashtalakshmi, and to the main sanctum walls we see paintings of Lord Krishna and Sri Rama.
    The temple is neat and well maintained.

  2. Sri Anjaneya swamy:

    This temple is connected to Venkatesa perumal. The temple is to opposite side of the road facing the main temple. There is an arch for the temple.

    We find Vishvaksenar in a small separate sanctum in front as we enter. There is a separate sanctum for Bhoovaraha Sudarshnar to the side within the compound.

    Main deity is Anjaneya swamy facing Venkatesa perumal temple.

  3. Sri Ranganadha Temple:

    This temple is in the lane adjacent to Ananda Bhavan Hotel in RP Road.

    We have to climb three steps to reach main sanctum of Ranganadhar.

    We see Ranganadha swamy relaxing on Adiseshan. Ranganayaki Thayar is seen in separate sanctum to right of the main Ranganadhar sanctum. Andal is seen to right in separate sanctum. The temple is only one mandapam.

    As we go around we see beautiful Tanjavur paintings framed. There are small sanctums for Sreenivasar, Azwar, Danvantri and Radha Krishnar to the side. There is a Dwahasthambam for the temple

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