Thiruvannamalai Perumal Temple, srivilliputthur.  

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  1. Thiruvannamalai:

    Venkatachalapathy perumal Temple.
    The temple is on a small hillock. The place is about 4kms distance from Srivilliputthur.

    We may have to climb about 200 steps to reach the sanctum on top. The temple is near Srivilliputthur town. Half the way we get the darshan of chakkratazwar in a small mandapam.

    There is a Venugopala swamy temple here. Archakar says the deity Venugopala swamy is even older than the main Balaji on the top hill. The temple is renovated in recent years, looks neat and well maintained.

    As we go around the main sanctum of Venugopala swamy, we see Dasavtharam sculptures to one side, Astha Lakshmi and Anjaneyar sculptures to the other side of the sanctum.

    There is a separate sanctum for Anjaneyar and padam is installed on a lotus.

    We start climbing steps once again and we happen to see a way to Thayar sannidhi.

    Something unique in this temple is we see Swayambu Thayar known asPadmavathy inside the trunk of the tree as a shelter for her. They have constructed a sanctum for her. We have to climb some more steps to reach the main sanctum of Venkatesa perumal, in a big hall.

    The deity is huge, and feels as though we are in front of Balaji in Tirupathy. As we go around to the corner few steps which lead to top of the mountain where we find a small sanctum with padam inside.

    The archakar of the temple said, as per Purana  perumal came to ask and seek Andal as his bride. When he reached this place, he came to know that marriage between Andal and Rangamannar had taken place.
    He decided to stay back here. He decided his relationship with Andal to be as a brother. (Annan). Hence the place is known as Thiru Annamalai perumal temple.

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