Tiruchendur Murugan, Then Thiruperai, Nava tirupathy, Thirunelveli.  

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  1. Thiruchendur:

    This is one of the padai veedu of Lord Subramanya. The place is about 40 Kms from Sri Vaikundam.

    Main deity is Lord Siva known as Sivakozhundeeswrar and Anandavalli ammai.
    Lord Subramanya is in thava kolam, so there is no Vel in his hand. At the back of the main sanctum there are five Siva lingam, and three lingam inside the main sanctum considered as Ashta Lingam

    The place is known as Veerabhagu kshetram.
    Lord Subramanaya with Veerabaghu, defeated Soorapaduman in this place, so the place is known as Jayanthypuram. There is no Navagrha sanctum in the temple, only sani bhagawan is there. The place is mentioned as “Kapatapuram” in Valmiki Ramayanam.

    We come to know the place and the temple existed even before and it is well known.
    Subramanya asked Devathhan Mayan, to construct a temple for Lord Siva, where he can worship him.

    Here the Vibuthi prasadam is given in Panner pushpam leaf. There is a belief, Devas are in the form of Paneer maram(tree).
    There is a small well which was made by Lord Subramanian to fulfill thirst of his battalion. The well is known as Nazhi kinaru.

    The sea water is slightly reddish in color, because of the fight between Subramanya and Soorapadhuman. Arunagirinadhar sang Tirupugazh on Lord Murugan of this place.

  2. Then Thiruperai:

    One of 108 Divyadesam and one of NavaTirupathy. The place is important for Sukra graham.

    The place is about 7 kms distance to Azwar Thiru Nagari on River Thamirabarani. There is an outer mandapam with sculpture to pillars.

    We cross Dwajasthambam and have the darshan of Garudazwar in a small sanctum, which is a little away to the side, facing main deity.

    Main deity “Magra nedung kuzhai nadhar”, in veerasanam posture.(sitting with his left leg folded). “Kuzai kadha valli Thayar” and “Thiruperai Nachiar” are seen in different separate sanctums. We see Brugu Muni and Markendayer to either side in front of main deity inside the sanctum.

    Urchavar here is known as “Nigaril mugil vannan” with “Sridevi and Bhoodevi”. Teertham is Sukra pushkarani.

    Purana: Once when Hiranyakshiban kidnapped Bhoodevi and Perumal rescued her from the asura after a fight with him. Vishnu blessed her and placed her on his lap. Bhoomadevi felt happy and was in trance.

    Meantime Sridevi was looking out for Lord Vishnu, and she found Bhoodevi and Vishnu together and felt jealousy.
    She asked “Doorvasa Muni” to help her in getting back Lord Vishnu to her place. Doorvasar came to the place of Lord Vishnu.

    Since Bhoodevi was in trance and did not respect Muni. Bhoodevi was cursed by muni, and she asked for a way to get rid of it to him.

    She was asked to penance here in Then Thiruperai reciting “Narayana Manthram”. After long years of penance one day she saw huge Kundalam in the shape of a fish. As she offers everything to Lord Vishnu, she offered the Kundalam also to him, which he wore and stayed back in the place and was known as “Nedung kuzhai nadhan”. He gave Lakshmi Devi’s features to her, and hence the place is known as Thiruperai.

    Once Samudra rajan, did not respect Varunan, so, he lost his kingdom and his weapon Pasam. Asuras came to fight with Varunan; he was unable to fight against them.

    Deva guru asked him to penance at Then Thiruperai and get back his weapon and kingdom which he lost. Varuna did as he was told. He was blessed by Lord, who poured water in his hand which turned out to be Pasam, (weapon) which was given to Varunan.

    He was also known as “Mugil vannan” from then on.

Note: There is a Siva temple related to Budha graham which is one temple of Nava kailasm. The temple was closed and it opens at 6 pm, due to lack of time we missed the temple.

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