Vaddakku Vallioor, and Kanyakumari temple.  

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  1. Vaddakku Vallioor: Murugan Temple.

    This is a cave temple, about 12 kms from Naguneri town.

    Main deity is Murugan. As we go around the temple we Siva lingam known as Jayantheeswarar, and his consort Soundara Nayaki Amman in Artha mandapam.

    Sthala Vruksham is Vilvam. Teertham is Saravana Poigai.
    Other deities seen in the temple are Acharya Vinayakar, Natarajar, Bairavar, and Saneeswarar in different sanctums.

    Agyastiya Muni, and Indran, worshipped in this place and were blessed.
    Arunagirinadhar, sang Tirupugazh on Murugan of this place.

  2. Kanyakumari: The place is to the tip of India, to the shore of Indian Ocean.

    Main Deity is bagavathy amman / Kanyakumri Amman with Japamala. This place is known as Kumari peetam, which is one of the pancha peeta Kshetram.
    The temple is very old one, and it was constructed by Parasuraman. As we enter we see Dwajasthambam and enter into a mandapam. As we pass through,we reach the main sanctum of Devi Kanyakumari.

    Other deities seen in the temple are Thyaga Soundari, Vinayakar, Sooryan, Nagarajar, and Badrakali.

    Purana: There was an Asura by name Banasuran who worshipped Lord Siva, and gained a boon, that no male person should defeat him. Once he got the blessing, he started torturing all human beings. Bhoomadevi was unable to tolerate this, and she reported to Brahma who in turn went to Lord Vishnu who is responsible as a protector.

    Lord Vishnu told Banasura can be defeated by female person, and this is possible only by Prasakthi. They performed a big yagam to please Parasakthi, and a small girl came out of Yaga kundam. She was great devotee of Lord Siva. She was spending most of her time in worshipping Siva. It was this place which was known as Kanyakumari in later days.

    Kumari entered into teen age and they wanted her to get married, Lord Siva proposed, and the marriage was fixed. Narada muni was worried by this. Once if Parasakthi is married she will loose her power, so he approached and told parasakthi, that Banasuran may come to you as Lord Siva on the day of marriage. So to avoid this confusion, he said Devi should ask Lord Siva to get some rare things to identify him.

    Devi thought it was good idea, and she told Lord Siva to get, a coconut without eye, Beetle leaf without veins and Sugarcane without node. She says if he fails to get it she will not marry, and he may have to return back.

    Lord Siva was worried, and he somehow managed to get these three things and was heading towards her place, to marry her. Narada was once again worried and he started calling out as a cock, Siva heard this and he had to retun back since the time given by Devi was over.

    Banasuran came to Devi and he fell in love with her at first sight. He asked her to marry him. She told if he can fight and defeat her she will marry him. Banasuran agreed and there was a fight between them. Banasuran was unable to withstand her, so his brother Mukan came to his help. Devi asked Kaali to fight with Mukan, who died in the place Mookambika. Devi killed Banasuran at Bana teertham in Kanyakumari.

    At the time of his death he asked Devi to bless people who have bath and worship her here. The teertham here is equal to River Ganga.
    Here we see Devi Kanyakumari with Japamala waiting for Lord Siva to come.

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