Vara Gunamangi, Nattham, Thirunelveli.  

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  1. Varaguna mangai:

    This place is popularly known as Nattham.

    This is 2nd kshetram of Nava Tirupthy and one of 108 Divya Desam. The place is important for Chandra Graham. The kshetram is considered as Mokshapuri.

    The temple is near the bank of River Thamirabarani, about 2kms distance from Sri Vaikundam.

    Main deity is Sri Visayasana perumal in sitting posture on Adiseshan with his consort Varaguna mangai. We see Sridevi and Bhoodevi inside the main sanctum. There is no separate sanctum for Thayar in this place.
    Teertham is Agni teertham.

    The main Raja gopurm is of 5 stories. There is a Dwajasthambam as we enter in. There is a small separate sanctum for Garuda near the Dwajasthambam facing Perumal inside the sanctum. Azwars and Achayars are seen inside in the mandapam here. They say, the soul attains Moksha, when death occurs here.

    Purana: Romesa Muni was penancing here in this place for a long time with his desciple.There was a greedy fisherman living in the same place. He was hated by the villagers.

    One day he died due to snake bite and his soul as a jyothi left for Moksha which was witnessed by the desiple of Romesa muni. He was surprised and he went to his guru and asked for an explanation.

    Guru told in his previous birth the fisher man was King of Vidarpa Desam, and due to his bad company he had the birth of fisherman in his next janma. Due to the good deeds of his ancestors he was born in this kshetra, and attained Moksha. This was the main reason.

    Purana says there was a Brahamim named Vedavith who lived in punyakosha Agraharam near River Reva. After rendering his serices to his parents, and teacher he started penancing about Thirumal. He did not get the result for a long period and he was sad.

    Lord Kesavan came in the form of Brahamin and asked him to do his penance at Nattham. When he did here, Lord revealed himself to Vedavith and gave him paramapadham which he wanted. As per request of Vedavith, Lord stayed back as Vijasanan in this place to bless his devotees who visited here.

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