Ranganadhapuram Temple, Tanjvore.  

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  1. Ranganadhapuram: Siva temple.

    The place is about 17Kms from Thiruvayaru, to Thirukattupalli, and from there it is about 2 kms. They have constructed pillars on the main road which is a little inside. Proposal is there for arch in future.

    The temple was1st Madakoil built by “Kochengat cholan. Vimanam” is known as “Gaja kataksha sakthy vimanam”.

    We see elephant in front of the Dwajasthambam and the building seems to rest on elephant back.

    We have to climb few steps to reach the main sanctum. We enter into a mandapam were we see Nandi just above the place were elephant is seen.

    Main deity is Siva Lingam known as Thiruvaneeswarar facing east and Kamakshi Amman facing south in standing posture in different sanctum.

    Kanchi pramacharya Chandrasekara swamigal, stayed here and meditated in this temple. We see a small platform to sit and meditate.

    Dakshina murthy is seen as koshta moorthy in a small mandapam with separate gopuram

    Valamburi Vinayakar is seen in different small sanctum to a corner. He is seen in a little slanting posture with his left hand pressed on his lap as though he is getting ready to get up.

    As we go around the temple we see Valli devasena sametha Subramnaya swamy, Gajalakshmi in small different sanctums.

    Sthala Purana says Kala chakkra was created in this sthalam, to gain Siva darshanam Maha Lakshmi worshiped Lord Siva with Lotus flowers in this place. Lord Siva was pleased with her worship and gave darshan. Hence the Lord Siva here is known as Sahasra Lakshmeeswarar.

    Purana says, it is a belief on the day of star Poorvabadra, Viswakarma, Agni, Angeeras Muni and Pranthaka Maharishi, in aroopa form, worship Lord Siva here by performing homam and pooja.


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