Vargoore Lakshmi Narayanar temple, Tanjavore.  

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  1. Varagoore Lakshmi Narayanar Temple

    The temple is about 13 kms from Thiru kandiyoor to Thirvavore route, Tanjavore.

    Main deity is Lakshmi Narayanar with Lakshmi thayar sitting on his left lap. Urchavar here is Venkatachalapathy perumal with Sridevi and Bhoomadevi.

    Importance: The temple is popular by the name of Urchavar. This is one of the Swayamvektha ksheramof Lakshmi Narayanar.

    The Purana says Mahan Narayana Teerthar was suffering from stomach ache. He visited many temples worshipping God to get relief from his stomach ache. As he was visiting he happened to stop at Ganesha temple in a place, known as Nadu cauveri. In his dream an old man asked him, to follow the first living being who he sees the next day morning and he will be relieved of his stomach ache.

    Next day morning Narayanar saw a white Varaha and started following, which went inside this temple and disappeared. He realized that Lord Narayanar took the form of Varahar and helped him. Here he sang songs in praise of Lord. He saw Krishna with Rukmani and Sathyabama in Lakshmi Narayanar.

    Sathyabama, asked him to sing about the Krishna leela with his Gopikas. Narayana teerthar felt happy and composed songs which is now, popular as Krishna Leela Thrangini.

    Nrayana teerthar had darshan of Lakshmi Narayanar as Varaha Moorthy; hence the place is known a Varagoore.

    Main deity of this place is worshiped in three form as, Lakshmi Naryanar, Kannan and Varaha perumal. Janmashtami is celebrated in grand scale. There is no seperate idol for Krishna here.On Janmashtami the main deity Lakshmi Naarayanar is decorated as Yasodha and kannan idol is placed in her lap.

    Devotees come here to pray for,a child in their life. They place a silver anklet in the feet of deity and wear it. once they are blessed with child they remove the anklet and offer it in this temple.

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