Brindavan temples. Mathura.  

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  1. Brindavan:

    There are many temples in Brindavan. We were able to visit only few important temples. Here main deity is Radha Krishna in all temples. Some places Lord Krishna is known by different name other than Krishna.

  2. Purana Kaliya Ghat:

    This is the place where Lord Krishna took control of Kaliyan (poisonous snake) which was troubling living being around.

    There is a small sanctum we see here for kaliya and Krishna.

    There is the tree known as Kadamba Vrukshamin this place. They say Krishna jumped on the head of Kaliya from this tree.

    We see a small pond with Kaliya idol with Lord Krishna on its head.

  3. Bankay Bihari Mandir:

  4. Imlithala:

    The place is popularly known as “Siddha peet ImliThala”

    Main Deity here is Sree Radha and Krishna.

    There is a Tamarind tree here in this place. We see a board which says the tree is 5500 years old. Lord Krishna sat under the tree alone and used to think of Radha, and used to repeat her name as japa. Hence the place is popularly known as “Siddha peet ImliThala”

  5. Seva kunj:

    This is the place where Lord Krishna used to play with Gopika’s in the evenings. They believe Lord Krishna comes here in the evening daily. They do not allow anyone in the evening.

    Here we see Krishna Chitanya mission Ashram and a mandir for Lord Krishna and Radha.

  6. Radha Ramana Mandir:

    Deity in this temple is Swayambu Radha Ramanar.

  7. Vamsivatam

    On full moon-day Lord Krishna played his flute and enjoyed with Gopika’s. This is one of the places of Krishna Rasaleela.

    This is the main entrance of the place.

    We see a big tree and a small sanctum in which Radha Krishna is seen.

    Near the tree we see a small sanctum in which, padam is seen with Rishi's sitting around.

    We see a small sanctum for Vyasar. Sukar is seen worshiping him.

    There is a small sanctum seen for Atri muni.

    We seeGopeshwar,in separate to another corner.

    Padha darshan of Sree Lalitha, Sree Visaka, Sree Chitra, Sree Indurekha, Sree Champakalatha, Sree Rangadevi, SreeThunga Vidya, and Sree Sudevi is seen in front, opposite to main deity under the tree as we go around.

    There is a separate sanctum forLord Hanuman.

  8. Sri Rangaji Mandir

    Sri Rangaji temple of south Indian tradition was built by Sri Govardhan Rangachariyar of Kancheepuram, in the year 1845-1851.

    Main Deity is Rangamannar and Andal. We see Garudazwaralso to a side in the main sanctum.

    There is separate sanctum for Venkatachalapathy and Azwars.

    As we enter in we see 16 pillar mandapam.

    We see a pushkarani near the mandapam.

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