Seer Ghat and Raam Ghat. Kamyavanam. Mathura.  

Posted by Shamala Krishnan

First day of our visit was to Seer Ghat and Raam Ghat.

Seer Ghat: The place seer Ghat is on the banks of River Yamuna.

This is the place where Lord Krishna took the clothing of "Gopika's," which was placed by them, on the banks of the river when they went for bath. This is one of the Krishna Leela of Sri Lord Krishna with Gopikas.

We see the tree Known as “Kuruttha Maram” to which the clothing were hidden by Lord Krishna. We see some clothing hanging to the tree as an identity.

Gopika’s performed Kathyaysni Vrutham here. There is a small sanctum for Kathyayani Devi nearby.

Raam Ghat: This was another place we visited on our first day of tour. This Ghat is on the banks of River Yamuna. As we travel from Brindavan to Kamyavanam, we come across the place known as "Obay". Raam ghat is near to this place.

This is the place where Balaram performed Raasothsavam. They were drunk and Balaram asked River Yamuna which was flowing to come near, for them to enjoy. (Jalakreedai) Yamuna did not care for him.

Balaram, unable to control his anger pulled the River Yamuna with his Axe. Here we see River Yamuna is changing her direction of flow.

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