Srimad Bagavatha Krishna Anubhava Yatra.  

Posted by Shamala Krishnan

This post is to share our eight days trip of Brindavan, Mathura with
Sri. Velukudi Swamy.

Morning time we visited place related to Lord Krishna’s childhood days. In the evenings there was discourse of Bagavatham (Sapthagam) by Sri Velukudi swamy followed by Bajans of different state, on each day. The whole thing was well organized and planned.

We were about 7500 members who joined in this yatra. we were divided into six batches to visit different places nearby. Seating arrangements were excellent.Every day one batch will be in front and next day the chance was given to other batch. I feel the days we spent in Brindavan are memorable days in our life time.
Food was only thing, I feel was not distributed properly, inspite of the excellent planning done.

Each day the alankaram for deities was related to the story of current day discourse of Bagavatham. They deities were arranged on discourse dias.

First day alankaram was Lakshmi Hayagreevar, Radha Krishnar and Vasudevar carrying Lord Krishna on his head. Place allotted to us was at the back so I am unable to give picture.

Alankaram, on second day of, sapthagam.

Navaneetha Kannan.

Durvasar, Druvan and Kannan.

Uriadi Knnan.

Alankaram, on third day of, sapthagam.

Prahaladhan and Narashima Avatharam.

Vaikunda Nadhar.

Kaalinga Nardhanam.

Alankaram on Fourth day of Sapthagam

Alankaram on fifth day of Sapthagam.


Sri Raja gopalan.

Vennai Kannan.



Aalilai kannan.

Kuvalaya peetam.

Alankaram on sixth day of Sapthagam.

Govardhana kannan near Govardhana giri.

Annakuda utsava celebration.

Alankaram on Seventh day.

Rukmani Kalyanam.


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This is hema here. your blog is too wonderful.The way you have worked on the details are really amazing.With the best wishes I would like to thank you for adding me up and sending me the link.hoping to visit your blog often.Take care.
_ Hemarajan

November 3, 2011 at 11:23 PM

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